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Everyone's Arm Parties

Summer Wedding Accessorizing

Summer wedding season is in full swing! Is your wardrobe prepared? We’ve got a fabulous collection of beautiful baubles that are perfect for letting your summertime style shine as you celebrate an extra special day.

Colorful Necklace

Don’t be afraid of making a shining statement this wedding season!

All you need to do is pick a pretty floral print dress, and the accessories will effortlessly follow. Although you may not want to outshine the special couple on their wedding day, there’s no reason why you can’t let your own style sparkle with fantastic accessories and fresh couture.

Pink Bracelets

This colorful combo is perfect for fancy summer styling.

Find some bejeweled bracelets that match your flowery frock’s colorway, then stack them together to add vibrant pop to your wedding guest couture. Seek out a statement necklace and earrings that complement your arm party and match your palette for even greater appeal.

Gold and Pearl Accessories smaller

Tassel bracelets and necklaces are gloriously on-trend and just oh-so fabulous.

If you prefer classic metallic sheen over colorful crystals, we have trendy tassel bracelets and necklaces as well as dainty hand ornaments that will add luxuriant luster to your ensemble. Their fascinating flash will enliven your wardrobe long after the reception is over.

Hair Accessory

Don’t overlook your hairdo when accessorizing for a summertime wedding.

And don’t forget the hair! Add a gorgeous hair ornament to your up-do to maximize your coif’s potential while catching eyes and lending incredible shimmer to your look.

Hand Ornament and Ring smaller

Delicately darling, simulated pearl and crystal combos make a classic choice for wedding guest glam.

Whether you have one or several weddings to attend this summer, we’ve got the accessories you need to curate unforgettably unique ensembles all season long. You’ll definitely want to wear the necklaces, bracelets and earrings you choose more often than once, so enjoy using a special occasion to gloriously expand your jewelry collection!

by Sarah Clark



Satin, Shine, and Sparkle: The Joys of Wedding Jewelry

Weddings can be incredibly elaborate or simple and austere. We’re fortunate to live in an age when most anything is acceptable, as long as it’s a reflection of who the wedding couple are as people. I’ve been a maid of honor twice: once, in a Romanesque-style church; the other, in a ramp patch on the forested grounds of a Buddhist retreat center. Both occasions were joyous and heartfelt, two perfect weddings for two very different couples.

wedding photo

Whether you’re a minimalist or a devotee of flourishes and baubles, the jewelry you select for your bridal ensemble is an easy way to put your own style stamp on your wedding day. Here are some basic strategies for bringing it all together.

  • If you plan on wearing a bracelet, make sure it won’t snag any lace or delicate fabric.
  • Does your wedding gown have a high neckline? Make a splash with great earrings, a brooch, or hair ornaments instead.
  • Switch up your look with jewelry to put on after the ceremony. A big, sparkly cuff or a glitzy necklace will reflect your celebratory mood at the reception. You can even infuse some unexpected color with bright jewels instead of white pearls or rhinestones.
  • A brooch can emphasize a sash or bow on your gown and add a personal touch.
  • Simple stud earrings won’t upstage a gown embellished with pearls, sequins, or beads.
  • Depending on the dresses you’ve selected for your bridesmaids, they may not need any accessories for the ceremony. But thoughtful gifts of tasteful bangles or necklaces for them to wear at the reception make festive additions.

deco dropsThe convention of European and American brides wearing white wedding dresses is relatively recent, originating in 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. In fact, white wedding dresses didn’t become the default until after World War II.

But pearls have long been associated with nuptials. The ancient Greeks associated pearls with marital bliss; centuries later, Jacqueline Bouvier wore a strand when she married the future president Kennedy. (Queen Victoria, however, opted for a giant sapphire).The connection between diamonds and engagement rings is much newer, dating back to the 1930, when sluggish sales of the most precious of gems prompted the cartel De Beers to make a big marketing push to promote diamond rings. In 1947, a copywriter for the ad agency N.W. Ayers dreamed up the line “A Diamond is Forever,” and the rest is history.

Modern or vintage, costume or precious, the jewelry you wear on your wedding day is an opportunity to express who you are. Have fun with it!

By Sara Bir

Photo by GU / 古天熱