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Festival Jewelry: Boho Baubles at their Finest

Attending a music festival is a chance to express your bohemian spirit in a vivacious environment charged with creative energy. Here at Heirloom Finds, we’re excited to offer a wide selection of new boho styles, from glamorous fringe pendant necklaces to seed bead bracelets to midi rings that will delight your inner indie fashionista. Combine any of these beauties with a flower crown, sunnies and your favorite cutoffs, and you’re already well on your way to becoming a fabulous festival fashion plate.


To capture the bohemian spirit of the Southwest, you cannot go wrong with styling sterling and turquoise.

Finding new styles of hippie chic jewelry is of course nothing short of thrilling, but scoring vintage pieces to rock with your festival couture authentically connects you with an undeniably vibrant past. Luckily for you, we’ve rolled out an amazing collection of vintage Southwestern Native American jewelry that captures the region’s inspiring beauty and the retro vibe of 1970’s freewheeling fashion.

IMG_1923 2

Pile on eye-catching turquoise and coral necklaces, then add a sterling snake arm cuff!

Southwestern sterling silver mined from the earth combined with fiery red coral and turquoise stones the color of the sea and sky gives you an elemental edge you simply cannot find elsewhere. Imagine multiple retro sterling necklaces tucked beneath loose Janis Joplin hair. Visualize a mountain of turquoise bracelets stacked into an arm party every festival crowd member will envy. Fantastic, yes?


Bring the festival to your digits with some vintage Southwestern sterling rings.

And the rings! Have you ever been in a Western style trading post and found yourself ogling the mélange of inlaid turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, abalone and jet found in the ring display cases? Maximize your hippie cred this festival season by stacking some or several vintage sterling rings on your digits. You won’t regret their dazzling effect!


Boldly rock stacks of vintage sterling and turquoise rings and cuffs.

So, when packing your bags to leave for this year’s big musical gathering, don’t forget to include sunblock, lip balm, your best fringed boho threads and a lavish array of Southwestern jewelry. Your eclectic ensemble will shine with throwback pizzazz wherever you bohemian spirit takes you on this year’s festival adventures.

by Sarah Clark


Why Buy Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage Earrings and Tags

These vintage clip on earrings have gorgeous retro flair.

Objects carry a meaning, with each owner infusing their own energy into every item. That’s the power of vintage jewelry. With a vintage piece, you’ll be the only one wearing that specific look. People notice. It becomes your It Girl signature, a way to stand out. It’s about sensibility as much as style.

Vintage KJL Layering

Layering on luxe vintage necklaces adds classic style to a modern trend.

We seek out vintage finds with current trends in mind; nothing goes up on our site unless we think it’s relevant today. Vintage jewelry worn in a contemporary context ties together past and present, a history that adds emotional depth to your everyday wardrobe and dovetails with the repetition and evolution of up-to-the-minute fashion cycles (Vogue says that for 2015, it’s the 1970s).

VIntage Turquoise Bracelets

This Southwestern style vintage baubles are fabulous for crafting a boho look.

Our vintage offerings bring you a huge variety that spans decades. Styles range from romantic Victorian-revival cameos to pin-up era Bakelite brooches to tailored, long pendants from the Nixon years to Native American sterling and turquoise from the Age of Aquarius that perfectly accent today’s boho looks. Whether you want a classic gold bangle that adds just a touch of difference or a bold rhinestone bib that shouts Hollywood vixen, there is something in our vintage collection for you.

Bakelite Rose Brooch

Make every day Throwback Thursday with pretty baubles like this vintage Bakelite brooch.

Not only does vintage jewelry come with a rich backstory — you get craftsmanship and staying power for only a fraction of what a new designer piece of fashion jewelry might cost. We pull together notable pieces with an eye for top condition and a deep knowledge of the era’s history. We know when a find truly is a find, because we’re familiar with the materials, techniques and history of the manufacturer.

Vintage Cupid Necklace

The ages haven’t tarnished these lovely accessories’ romantic feel.

That’s because Heirloom Finds was built on our love for antiques and collectibles. For years, our co-founders Kim and Jeanne have scoured estate sales and auctions, looking for notable pieces and fun finds. The very basis for our fashion jewelry business began with vintage jewelry. It’s in our blood — Jeanne’s parents were antique dealers, and Kim’s idea of a relaxing weekend still includes hitting up flea markets.

Vintage Fan Necklace

Expect to craft looks that are as exquisite as they are unique when you buy vintage jewelry.

And the best part is that we do the legwork for you. When you order vintage jewelry from Heirloom Finds, you know it’s the finest example of its kind, because we buy for condition and relevance. Our fast, free delivery means a distinctive vintage piece is only a few clicks away. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone you love, vintage jewelry offers a romance and power all its own.

by Sara Bir


Quintessentially American: The Romance of Native American Jewelry

Silver cuffs set with smooth, giant turquoise stones. Copper bands ringed with thunderbird icons. Roadrunner pins and bolo ties. They evoke cacti and adobe dwellings, Route 66 and tumbleweeds, Georgia O’Keeffe and John Wayne.

We’re thrilled to offer a new-old find: an eclectic assortment of vintage Native American jewelry made by The Bell Trading Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  You may be surprised to learn that this style of Native American jewelry—ubiquitous with the American West—only dates back to the late 1800s.  And from the get-go, it was made for tourists: first train travelers, then road-tripping Americans on vacation. This was before truck stops and the Interstate system, when two-lane highways offered glimpses of the scenic, untamed nation that was already becoming a thing of the past. Trading posts sprang up to capitalize on souvenirs-seeking tourists, who couldn’t get enough Native American jewelry.

It’s not hard to see why. In Navajo beliefs, turquoise is a piece of the sky itself, bringing good thoughts to its wearer. In combination with silver or copper, it calls to mind wide, open skies and the vast bronzed rockiness of the landscape below it. This is not just jewelry. It’s a state of mind.

Heirloom Finds founders Kim and Jeanne came across this collection while antiquing in Southeast Ohio, of all places. An owner of a Southwestern-style trading post had sold his remaining stock of Native American jewelry, a lot which had been waiting for 30 years to be discovered. So this cache truly is a rediscovered treasure!

The Bell Trading Company employed Navajo silversmiths to create their jewelry and the firm operated from 1935 until the late 1980’s.  The artisans who created this jewelry had well-paying jobs and were held in high esteem. They utilized the silver, copper, and turquoise that was available locally, but they also added other elements, such as jet, coral, and abalone. Popular motifs—thunderbirds, roadrunners, feathers, and the half-man, half-eagle Knifewing deity—pulled from the mythologies of tribes such as the Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo. Like jazz, it’s a truly iconic American art form, timeless yet modern.

The variety in this selection runs the gamut, with a find to suit anyone’s taste: simple metal bands to elaborate bold boyfriend rings, tastefully subtle bolo ties that can be worn as pendants, and roadrunner brooches with rich inlays. The statement pieces can go dressy or casual, be underplayed or emphasized for this year’s hot look-Southwest Glam.  And, in classic Wild West fashion, they always go well with denim. Delicate or bold, traditional or contemporary, it’s easy to make this quintessentially American artistry part of your signature style.


By Sara Bir