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Why Buy Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage Earrings and Tags

These vintage clip on earrings have gorgeous retro flair.

Objects carry a meaning, with each owner infusing their own energy into every item. That’s the power of vintage jewelry. With a vintage piece, you’ll be the only one wearing that specific look. People notice. It becomes your It Girl signature, a way to stand out. It’s about sensibility as much as style.

Vintage KJL Layering

Layering on luxe vintage necklaces adds classic style to a modern trend.

We seek out vintage finds with current trends in mind; nothing goes up on our site unless we think it’s relevant today. Vintage jewelry worn in a contemporary context ties together past and present, a history that adds emotional depth to your everyday wardrobe and dovetails with the repetition and evolution of up-to-the-minute fashion cycles (Vogue says that for 2015, it’s the 1970s).

VIntage Turquoise Bracelets

This Southwestern style vintage baubles are fabulous for crafting a boho look.

Our vintage offerings bring you a huge variety that spans decades. Styles range from romantic Victorian-revival cameos to pin-up era Bakelite brooches to tailored, long pendants from the Nixon years to Native American sterling and turquoise from the Age of Aquarius that perfectly accent today’s boho looks. Whether you want a classic gold bangle that adds just a touch of difference or a bold rhinestone bib that shouts Hollywood vixen, there is something in our vintage collection for you.

Bakelite Rose Brooch

Make every day Throwback Thursday with pretty baubles like this vintage Bakelite brooch.

Not only does vintage jewelry come with a rich backstory — you get craftsmanship and staying power for only a fraction of what a new designer piece of fashion jewelry might cost. We pull together notable pieces with an eye for top condition and a deep knowledge of the era’s history. We know when a find truly is a find, because we’re familiar with the materials, techniques and history of the manufacturer.

Vintage Cupid Necklace

The ages haven’t tarnished these lovely accessories’ romantic feel.

That’s because Heirloom Finds was built on our love for antiques and collectibles. For years, our co-founders Kim and Jeanne have scoured estate sales and auctions, looking for notable pieces and fun finds. The very basis for our fashion jewelry business began with vintage jewelry. It’s in our blood — Jeanne’s parents were antique dealers, and Kim’s idea of a relaxing weekend still includes hitting up flea markets.

Vintage Fan Necklace

Expect to craft looks that are as exquisite as they are unique when you buy vintage jewelry.

And the best part is that we do the legwork for you. When you order vintage jewelry from Heirloom Finds, you know it’s the finest example of its kind, because we buy for condition and relevance. Our fast, free delivery means a distinctive vintage piece is only a few clicks away. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone you love, vintage jewelry offers a romance and power all its own.

by Sara Bir

Vintage Bakelite Jewelry

Bakelite Beauties

Bakelite Jewelry – those clunky, funky plastic baubles that always remind us of pinup girls and Rosie the Riveter. Introduced in the first decade of the 20th century in New York by chemist Leo Baekeland (who was actually trying to make a substitute for shellac), Bakelite was used for both industrial and decorative products, but reached its zenith with the fabulous fashion jewelry of the World War II era. With most metals in short supply due to the war cause, jewelry-making materials were limited and designers turned to this incredibly durable and bright plastic.
Cherry Bakelite
The heavy plastic lent itself to big, bold, modern designs that perfectly suited the “can-do” attitude of the legions of women working in factories and offices across the US. Companies such as Catalin and Prystal turned out loads of beads, bangles and baubles from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. And home hobbyists even learned to carve the plastic blocks into unique jewelry creations.
bakelite bow
Wearing vintage Bakelite treasures today inspires the same “joie de vivre” we see in the pinup girls of yesteryear. It also demonstrates a bit of fashion bravado, as most Bakelite jewelry is anything but timid. The oversized, whimsical carved brooches, bangles and necklaces crafted of this quintessentially retro plastic will definitely get you noticed!

By Jeanne Peters