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Art Deco Header

Swanky Summer Accessorizing

The Art Deco style flourished across the decades spanning the end of WWI to the end of WWII. You can find this eclectic style with its bold geometric elements that echo scenes from the Machine Age of the early 20th century in architecture, art and consumer goods. Our favorite aspect, of course, is the inspiration Art Deco gives to today’s jewelry styles.

The Art Deco style often summons up images of exuberant parties straight out of a Fitzgerald novel, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear Deco baubles strictly at Roaring Twenties parties. Instead, let the style enjoy some time in the sun this summer.

Art Deco 1

This layered Deco style necklace is positively copacetic!

The layered look is in, so why not embrace it while letting your inner flapper girl shine? This necklace’s coppery finish combines perfectly with peach crystals, resin fans and a geometric design that’s astonishingly striking. We love that it’s so versatile, and can easily transform from edgy to boho with a simple change of costume.

Art Deco 3

This nifty mint necklace is the cat’s pajamas!

Mint is a classic summertime color, and what’s not to love? Such a fresh pastel shade is perfect for shaking off the winter blues. This statement necklace’s exquisite fanning design and minty color scheme makes it the optimal choice for enlivening summer couture with chic Art Deco appeal.

Art Deco 2

These ritzy dangle earrings glam up any outfit!

Whatever you do, don’t forget the earrings! The architectural Deco look of these gold-tone dangle earrings lends a touch of luxuriance to any ensemble. Need something a bit more formal for weddings or summer soirees? We have daring drop earrings to coordinate with nearly any extra fancy frock.

All in all, we’re stoked to celebrate the swanky style of modern Art Deco fashion all summer long. However, that’s not to say we aren’t also in love with the Deco jewelry of yesteryear. In fact, we’re thrilled to offer an exciting lineup of pieces that are either true Deco or heavily inspired by the movement in our vintage catalog. So whether you’re going full flapper for your next party or simply inspired to bring throwback glamour into your wardrobe, we’ve got the jewelry to make this season the Summer of Deco!

by Sarah Clark

Boho 3

Three Ways to Style Your Little White Dress

Although the little black dress is always in fashion, the long summer days we’re currently enjoying call for something just a little bit lighter. Enter the little white dress! A flirty white frock makes a great blank canvas for styling fresh looks, and we here at Heirloom Finds have pulled together three fantastic variations on this vital wardrobe essential.

Breezy Bohemian

The boho chic look is enormously popular this year, so don’t pass up the opportunity to let your hippie chick run free. All you need to do is break out that white dress and pile on a long tribal-inspired necklace, fringe earrings to match and a few of your favorite coordinating bracelets. This updated take on festival couture is the perfect ensemble for road trips, picnics and any occasion your creative spirit needs to shine.

Boho 1

From music festivals to just relaxing al fresco, a boho chic take on the LWD is the way to go.

Boho 2

We’re simply in love with this necklace’s Southwestern take on the modern tassel.

Boho 4

For your hippie chic bracelets, opt for beautiful beads, bold cuffs and geometric patterns.

Casual Chic

Whether you’re celebrating Casual Friday at the office or running errands on the weekend, this laidback look is the way to keep your LWD cute without overdoing it. You’ll need one white dress, one denim jacket, three or more dainty necklaces to layer (we love this combination of inspirational, iconic and magnifier pieces), multiple bracelets stacked in an arm party and a few of your favorite rings. Not only will you be rocking the trendy layered look, you’ll be showing off the baubles you feel that matter most. How fabulous!

Casual 2

This casual take on the LWD lets you curate a collection of favorite baubles to layer.

Casual 3

Ring stacks? Check. Arm party? Check. Super cute magnifier? Of course!

Casual 5

The adventurous vibe of this bracelet stack brings unexpected excitement to this white dress and denim combo.

Date Night Dashing

Planning a special evening out? We’ve been crushing on antiqued gold-tone baubles set with sparkling rhinestones as the optimum choice for fancy nighttime glamour. Simply pair that little white dress with a flattering blazer, add some coordinating high heels and then pile on the jewels! The edgy look of an antiqued gold-tone finish plus the classic shimmer of clear crystals will make this evening ensemble truly memorable. A few bracelets, two layered statement necklaces and one pair of dangle earrings later, and you’ve got yourself one gorgeous go-to date night outfit.

Fancy 2

These baubles glam up the LWD without becoming overwhelming.

Fancy 5

Could you ask for more amazing accessories for date night couture?

Fancy 1

High heels, edgy bracelets, a beautiful blazer and that LWD: perfection!

The effortless versatility of the little white dress makes it a serious style contender this season, so make sure your wardrobe is ready. As long as you have the right accessories in your wheelhouse, customizing the LWD to suit any occasion is sublimely simple. Whether it’s boho, casual or delightfully fancy, enjoy curating your own unique look!

by Sarah Clark

Beach Getaway Essential Top Image

Beach Getaway Essentials

The return of warm weather means it’s time to shed your winter and early spring layers, giving you brand new opportunities to show off your one-of-a-kind style. We here at Heirloom Finds have been curating a collection of fresh jewelry pieces that go perfectly with summertime couture. So, whether you’re heading out to the beach this summer or planning your own twist on a hometown staycation, we’ve got the baubles you need to capture the spirit and excitement of vacation glamour.

Arm Party Image

Pile on these bracelets for a trendy boho chic vibe full of nautical appeal.

Bracelet stacks are a popular year-round solution to showing off your eclectic style. While you’re tanning at the beach or dreaming of sand and waves, don’t forget to rock a boho chic collection of bracelets showing off your devotion to the ocean.

Easy, Breezy Statement Earrings

Bring your seaside glamour to the next level with these gorgeous faux druzy dangle earrings.

Looking for some ear candy to make a chic summertime statement? We’re in love with the mystic crystal vibe of these breezy faux druzy dangles. Whether you plan on dancing the night away around a beach bonfire or enjoying some poolside tropical refreshments, these are the earrings you need for your summer couture.

Iconic Necklaces

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

Your beach getaway wardrobe isn’t complete without some lightehearted iconic pieces to celebrate your vacation. Although we often choose mermaid-worthy starfish baubles for our seaside adventures, this fun shark pendant necklace complete with opening jaws has become an instant summertime favorite.

Are you ready to get out and enjoy some summer sun? We’ve got the perfect beach-ready bracelets, earrings and necklaces to celebrate this season in style. Have fun out there!

by Sarah Clark


Beat the Heat with Fun and Flirty Beer Cocktails

Beer cocktail with Heirloom Finds Jewelry's Turquoise Fringe Fling Necklace.

Beer cocktail, First Blush, styled alongside the Turquoise Fringe Fling Necklace.

They call these the dog days of summer. If sunny seasonal fatigue sets in, there’s no need to let it bring you down.  Liven things up with elegant and easy beer cocktails. They’re ideal for unwinding in sticky weather, and they won’t slow you down because they dilute beer with refreshing, hydrating beverages. (Translation: You can enjoy a few and not get wasted.)

Though creative possibilities have made beer cocktails all the rage with cutting-edge mixologists, ours are straightforward and simple, requiring only a few ingredients. The better to get you sipping!

When you mix citrus and beer, you really can’t lose. In Britain there’s the Shandy, a 50-50 mixture of fizzy lemonade and ale or lager. Similar drinks go by Panaché in France and Radler in Germany. We like to skip the carbonated stuff and use freshly squeezed lemonade instead. It pairs splendidly with a crisp pilsner (psst: it doesn’t even have to be a fancy one).

The michelada, a Mexican classic which adds spicy heat to pilsner beer and lime, fights fire with fire. On a hot day, a hint of chilies and salt cool down a weary traveler.

Keep a wide berth from the recent spate of canned, ready-to-drink Shandys and Micheladas. They are to beer cocktails what Tang is to orange juice. The biggest key to successful beer cocktails is to mix them yourself, at home, with fresh ingredients (for instance, use real lemonade, not Crystal Light).

We created a beer cocktail just for Heirloom Finds—the First Blush, naturally. It’s fruity, not too sweet, and gorgeous to look at. Of course.

Beer cocktail in a pitcher named after Heirloom Finds Jewelry's blog, First Blush.

Garnet-hued beer cocktail named after the blog, First Blush.

The First Blush Beer Cocktail

Instead of citrus, we rely on the tart zip of dried hibiscus blossoms. Since they’re not easy to find, we brewed a batch of Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea, which you can get at nearly any grocery store (the zing comes from hibiscus) and chilled it. Mix away for a garnet-hued drink to let you savor the last weeks of summer in comfort and contentment.

4 bags Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger Tea
4 cups water
1/4 cup sugar
Bottles or cans of decent Pilsner beer (we like Full Sail Session Premium Lager or Yuengling Traditional Lager)
Lime wedges, for serving

Bring two cups of water to a boil. Add the tea bags and steep for six minutes. Discard the tea bags. Add the sugar and two cups of cold water and refrigerate until chilled.

To serve, pour one part herbal tea to one part beer in a glass and garnish with a slice of lime. Offer the remaining beer in the can or bottle along with the drink so guests can top off and adjust as they like.

Beer cocktail styled with Heirloom Finds Turquoise Beaded Fringe Necklace and a butterfly.

Even the butterflies love the cocktail and the Turquoise Fringe Fling Necklace!

…and here’s a more sweet-tart option for those of you who have access to dried hibiscus.

First Blush Hibiscus Blossom

Popular in Latin American and the Caribbean, drinks made with hibiscus flowers are tangy, colorful, and invigorating. Dried hibiscus (called “sorrel” in Jamaica) is available in natural foods stores and Latin American markets. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Add 1 cup dried hibiscus, remove from heat, and let steep for four hours. Strain, add sugar to taste (we recommend about half a cup) and chill. To prepare a drink, mix one part hibiscus drink to two parts light-bodied pilsner. Garnish with a lime wedge.

By Sara Bir