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Plain and Simple

DIY Ombre Manicure

If you’re ready to enliven your look for summer, we here at Heirloom Finds recommend fresh rings, beautiful bracelets and a fabulous ombre manicure. We tried our hand at this nail art trend and found it to be both fun and surprisingly simple. If you’re looking for an excuse to stay in the shade on a hot summer’s day, this mani is one good way to spend some down time.


Gather your supplies and get ready to create one memorable mani!

What You’ll Need

  • Clear base coat
  • Clear top coat
  • Two nail polish colors: one for the base and one for the ombre effect
  • Nail art sponge
  • Pure acetone
  • Cotton swabs
  • Small cleanup brush
  • Small cutout piece of plastic or other surface for mixing nail polish
White Base Coat

We chose a white for our base color, but feel free to experiment with the colors of your choice.

Step One: Apply your base coat and let dry. Then apply one coat of your base color. We chose “Paper Mâche” by Finger Paints.

Preparing the Polish

We decided “Do You Lilac It?” by OPI would be the perfect pastel for a summer ombre.

Step Two: Prepare your nail polish by applying your two nail polishes onto a cutout piece of plastic or other mixing surface. Try to create a rectangular shape slightly larger than your nail surface. Your base color should be at the bottom, while the main ombre color should be at the top.

Mixing the Polish

Use a gentle swirling motion to combine the two colors where they meet on your mixing surface.

Step Three: Use the bottom tip of your cleanup brush (or a toothpick, if you prefer) to gently combine the two nail polishes where they meet at the center of the rectangle. Make sure you don’t mix the two colors entirely, as this would destroy the ombre effect.

Sponge the Polish

Use the nail art sponge to carefully apply your polish onto your fingernail.

Step Four: Take your nail art sponge and lay it on top of your mixed nail polishes, making sure that you do not move it around as you press it into your mixing surface. Gently remove it, then slowly press it onto your first fingernail, with the top color section lining up with the top portion of your nail and the base color section matching the bottom of your nail. Carefully pull the sponge away.

Touch Ups

Step Five: Use a cotton swab dipped in pure acetone to remove excess polish. Carefully tidy up around your cuticles using the small cleanup brush dipped in pure acetone.


Don’t forget to give your nails some time to dry!

Step Six: Repeat steps two through five for your remaining fingernails. Then apply a clear top coat to each nail to complete the manicure.


And there you have it! Your fingernails now have a fantastic dipped effect that’s perfect for glamming up warm weather couture. Don’t be afraid to try out different color combinations using this ombre technique. Summertime is, after all, definitely about being adventurous.

by Sarah Clark


DIY Watercolor Manicure

It’s always fantastic to add fabulous flash to your wrists and digits with gorgeous bracelets and rings, but if you want to further customize your look, manis are the way to go! Here at HeirloomFinds.com, we’ve been perusing runway nail art trends and have discovered that watercolor nails are in for spring. We seized the opportunity to visit our local beauty supply store and gather the tools necessary to craft such a unique look.

Audrey 3 2

Spring marks the perfect occasion for rocking sweet watercolor manis.

Although the artistic nature of watercolor manis allows you to choose whatever palette you like, we decided that a mélange of springtime pastels would be the perfect selection for celebrating the return of warm weather.

What You Need

Gather the supplies you need to get this great manicure!

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear base coat
  • Clear top coat
  • One base color. We chose “Paper Mâche” by Finger Paints.
  • Three or more nail polishes. After some deliberation, we decided on “Can’t Find My Czechbook,” “Hawaiian Orchid” and “Do You Lilac It?” by OPI.
  • Pure acetone
  • Small mixing cups
  • One pipette
  • One or more small nail art brushes
  • One small cleanup brush
Base Coat of White

We chose a white nail polish as the backdrop for our pastel manis.

Step One: Apply your base coat and let dry. Then apply one to two coats of your chosen base color.

Mixing Your Colors

Combining a drop of polish with pure acetone dilutes the color for a great watercolor effect.

Step Two: Use the pipette to place four drops of pure acetone into a small mixing cup, then add one large drop of your first nail polish color. Stir until the mixture is well combined. Repeat for your remaining nail polish colors.

Third Color

Start dabbing on nail polish. You’re the artist!

Step Three: After making sure your base color is dry, begin using a small nail art brush to dab splotches of color onto your nails. Since you’re the watercolor artist here, you may be as random or careful as you like. We decided we wanted our colors to have a mottled overlapping effect. Continue until your nails are completed to your liking. Also, you have the option of diffusing the painted splotches by gently going over them with pure acetone.


Touch up your newly painted nails to get that professional look.

Step Four: Remove any excess polish around your nails using the small cleanup brush and pure acetone. Once everything’s dry, apply the clear top coat.


Look at those pretty pastel nails and gorgeous accessories!

Voilà! You have a watercolor manicure that’s perfectly on-trend for spring and totally one of a kind! Now all you need is to do is layer on some ring stacks and bangles before going out to enjoy the sunshine. Have fun showing off your fresh springtime look!

by Sarah Clark