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Traveler’s Tips for Trips: Picking and Packing Jewelry

Your vacation is approaching. Yay!

You have to pack for it. Ugh.

Packing for a trip always takes longer than I’d like it to, especially the jewelry, because I linger over which pieces to bring along. By the time I’m done, half of my jewelry box is in my suitcase.

Maybe that’s excessive, but consider this: jewelry takes up way less space than clothing. If the outfits you pack are basic and easy to accessorize, jewelry is a secret weapon to switch up your look from day to day. Packing a generous selection of jewelry allows you to be both a minimalist and a fashionista!

ziplock chain

The important thing is to keep your jewelry safe and organized. If you’re worried about baggage theft, either wear your valuables or leave them at home. If you’re packing pearls—or anything soft and easily scratched—don’t just throw them in a bag with faceted gemstones. Wrap them in a soft cloth or scarf for protection and tuck them into a small zip-top bag.

In fact, clear zip-top bags are a huge asset for traveling (the little bags we package your new Heirloom Finds in are worth hanging onto for this very reason). You can tuck a chain in a zip-top bag and leave the clasp end dangling out as you seal it to keep the chain tangle-free. Or, for larger items, cut drinking straws down to size, slip the chain through the straw, and then clasp the ends.

To keep studs in order, push the posts through a button or an index card and then attach the backs. Use paper clips to keep hoop-style earrings together.

Hoop earrings with paperclip

Our marketing and customer service guru Mallory travels with a hard plastic organizer, sucsoda strawh as the kind used to keep crafts or fishing tackle nice and tidy. Usually such boxes are clear, making it easy to find what you need at a glance. I pack my jewelry in a folksy handmade drawstring bag purchased at a craft show many years ago (but of course you can find one on Etsy). It has pockets on the sides for earrings, while chunky necklaces and bracelets fit in the center.

On travel day, if you’ll be going through airport security gates, avoid wearing any metal necklaces or bracelets—or even belts with big buckles—that you don’t want to scramble with before walking through the metal detector. I’ve never been asked to take off my earrings before, though. And rumor has it that walking through the middle of the detector’s arch makes setting it off less likely.

button earrings I

From now on, instead of spending unnecessary time agonizing about which pair of earrings to leave behind, I’m just going to bring them along. Unless you’re traveling ultra-light, it’s not about the jewelry. It’s about how smart you pack it.

By Sara Bir

Photo by MowT