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Heirloom Finds Loves Pets!

You probably already know how much we here at Heirloom Finds love jewelry. What you may not know is that many members of our staff are dedicated animal lovers and pet parents. This week, we asked the crew to submit photos and stories about their furbabies. Get ready for some heartwarming cuteness!


Taz at play and Gracie as a puppy.

Tazzie and Gracie are the spoiled babies of Heirloom Finds owners Kim Williams and Jeanne Peters. Taz the Jack Russell Terrier (or as Jeanne calls him, “terrier of indeterminate origin”) was adopted from a neighbor about ten years ago, and Gracie the Boxer joined their home six years ago. The pair have since become unlikely albeit inseparable best friends and often accompany Kim and Jeanne to work at the HF offices. They spend most of their time sleeping on the job, with brief breaks for walks around the neighborhood and games of tug-of-war (which consists of Gracie dragging Taz around on the other end of a stuffed toy). Taz has a bossy personality and has never recognized that Gracie, who’s consistently gentle, is four times his size.


Marne the lab mix is playful and full of affection.

Marnie, also known as Marnieduke, is Order Fulfillment Specialist Fran William’s lab mix. She was adopted from the Human Society of Parkersburg when Fran and her husband Tom were mourning the loss of Bonkers, their wonderful dog of fifteen years who had recently died of renal failure. As it turns out, Marnie needed the Williams as much as they needed her. Today, Marnie is affectionate, ornery, goofy and simply adorable as she enjoys the puppyhood she missed before being adopted. Fran reports that this sweet dog gives her family laughter, joy and lots of loving kisses.


Puppies on a picnic!

Operations Associate Sarah Cline is the proud mama of three furbabies! Her smallest is a black apple head Chihuahua named Dewey. A friend that was sick with cancer gave him to Sarah when he was a tiny puppy that fit in the palm of her hand. Molly, a tan and brown ShiChi puppy, and Chubby, her long-haired brother, are the children of Dewey and a shih tzu named Maggie. Dewey, Molly and Chubby love playing, barking, wrestling and being silly.  They all have different personalities, with Molly being the troublemaker, Dewey playing the referee and Chubby charmingly copying everything Dewey does. Sarah and her husband love their dogs because they’re their best friends, and despite their orneriness always brighten the Clines’ day by just being there.


Scooter originally hails from Portland, Oregon.

Data Specialist Joe Ryckebosch and First Blush blogger Sara Bir’s dog Scooter was about six years old when he was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society in Portland in 2007. Part Border Collie, part Jack Russell Terrier, Scooter is a loving, devoted pet who has always been bursting with highly focused energy. He’s slowed down quite a bit now that he’s older, but this extra sweet dog still enjoys long walks and chasing balls. Although he sometimes drives them batty, Scooter has become a valued part of his humans’ family. Joe, Sara and their daughter love how his companionship and open heart have brought them all closer together.


Monk has grown from a skittish kitten into a playful furbaby.

Copywriter Sarah Clark’s cat, Monk, was adopted as a seven-week-old semi-feral kitten two months ago. Although she had a reputation for being skittish and hissy at the Human Society of the Ohio Valley in Marietta, Ohio, the brownish-grey tabby calmed down shortly after arriving at her new home. She now divides her time between playing with the multitude of toys her human parents give her and napping on the first available lap she finds. Sarah is a lifelong cat lady at heart, and absolutely melts when Monk, named for her chipmunk-like markings and a 1960’s garage rock band, runs to greet her when she arrives home from work.


Devoted friendship and unconditional love? Yes, please!

Heirloom Finds would like to warmly thank our local Humane Societies for all the important work they do for the community. Looking for a pet of your own? Your best friend just might be waiting for you at your local animal shelter.

by Sarah Clark


Meet the Heirloom Finds Crew!


Members of the Heirloom Finds team enjoy lunch together every day.

You don’t see their faces on our site, but Heirloom Finds is about people just as much as it is about jewelry. Our team makes it possible for us to offer you the outstanding selection of vintage and fashion jewelry we’re so proud of.

Jeanne Peters, Vice-President and Co-Founder

Jeanne’s background is in fine jewelry; she has a Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America in New York. Jeanne knows her diamonds and precious metals, but she loves sparkly crystals and rhinestones too! Her interest in jewelry crystallized when Jeanne was 18 years old and first began dealing in vintage jewelry. It’s in her blood; both of Jeanne’s parents were antique dealers.

To Jeanne, fashion jewelry is about accessibility. “There’s a great jewelry look out there for every woman, and at Heirloom Finds we want to offer fashionable jewelry that everyone can afford to enjoy for themselves, and to give to others,” she says. Jeanne sees jewelry as an “everyday luxury,” and fashion jewelry as an inexpensive way to branch out into new and different styles—a small indulgence to help women feel great about themselves.

Kim Williams, President and Co-Founder

You wouldn’t expect the person overseeing the back end of a jewelry company to be a chef, but heading up restaurant kitchens made up the first part of Kim’s career. In fact, she often cooks lunches at home to share with the crew when they all sit together to eat at work. Kim graduated from cooking school in Baltimore, and worked for years in kitchens in Atlanta, where she developed a deep love of southern food and soul food.

Kim and Jeanne moved Heirloom Finds into their current building, a former movie theater in a small West Virginia town, in 2013.  “We had so much empty space,” Kim says, “and now we’ve filled it all up.” It’s not just shelves and shelves of jewelry lining the walls, either. They’ve grown from a staff of five to a total of 11 employees in less than two years.

Fran 2

Fran Williams oversees packing and shipping in our jewelry warehouse.

Fran Williams, Order Fulfillment Specialist

Fran, a retired nurse who also happens to be Kim’s mom, is happiest when she’s busy. Fran oversees packing and order fulfillment. “We’re truly a team here,” says Fran. “We all feel like we’re family.”  Fran was recently spotted wiping out the break room fridge, a shared responsibility (it should be noted that this may be one of the cleanest break room fridges in America). Fran notes that when she began working at Heirloom Finds, she wore mostly subtle, small jewelry. “I’ve become much more adventurous,” she says. “Now I’m not afraid to wear anything. I center some of my outfits around the jewelry.”


Roy Sees is hard at work assembling charm bracelets.

Roy Sees, Receiving Specialist 

Roy’s the lead merchandise receiver, resident handyman and jewelry finisher (as well as Kim’s uncle). He makes some of the chain bracelets for HeirloomCharms.com (our sister site) and also assembles a number of the finished charm bracelets. A retired sheet metal worker, Roy has worked with Heirloom Finds since before they moved into their current home. He notes that the days go by quickly because “we’ve got a good crew.” Roy’s done nearly every hands-on task at Heirloom Finds, and he takes pride in doing efficient, quality work.

Tom Williams, Shipping Associate

Kim’s dad Tom deploys his dry sense of humor throughout the day, keeping everyone on their toes with his wit. He helps with packing and checks orders for accuracy. Retired from the corporate credit department of Lowe’s, he enjoys the camaraderie of the Heirloom Finds staff and is happy to see the success of the business Kim and Jeanne built together. Like his wife Fran, Tom’s been helping out with Heirloom Finds since the early days.

Melanie Final

Melanie Lamb handles social media marketing, lifestyle photography and several other tasks for our website.

Melanie Lamb, Senior Marketing Associate

Though you may recognize her modeling jewelry in photos from our website, Melanie Lamb is more often on the other side of the camera, taking product and lifestyle photos. She started out at Heirloom Finds as an intern writing web listings. Melanie’s the one who comes up with the catchy names for Heirloom Finds products. A lifelong resident of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Melanie often recruits friends and family to be in Heirloom Finds photo shoots. How much jewelry does she have? “A lot,” she says.


Joe Ryckebosch manages Heirloom Finds’ inventory and does product photography.

Joe Ryckebosch, Data Specialist

A California native, Joe is a drummer, artist and skateboarder whose experience with databases and document production helps him manage Heirloom Finds’ inventory. He’s recently begun doing product photography, too, and most often photographs the vintage pieces.  Joe’s the resident goofball, and he keeps everyone’s spirits up with his frequent, good-natured shenanigans. On his breaks, Joe often visits nearby thrift shops looking for old paintings he can upcycle in his own artwork (Kim has one of his pieces hanging in her office).


Both Brenda and Nancy carefully package each order from our website.

Brenda Pyles and Nancy Pifer, Order Fulfillment Associates

Brenda and Nancy package most of the jewelry orders that go out from Heirloom Finds. They are the last ones to lay hands on your jewelry before it gets to you, so they make sure to inspect every item, make sure it’s in perfect condition, and matches the order exactly. They take pride in working with care and accuracy, and they enjoy getting a close look at the new jewelry as it arrives in the warehouse.

Sarah Clark Final

Sarah Clark enjoys researching our selection of vintage jewelry.

Sarah Clark, Copywriter

Sarah was raised in—no kidding—Sarahsville, Ohio, and moved back to the area after graduating from college in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she studied anthropology and art history. That background is helpful to her as she writes descriptions for Heirloom Finds’ vintage jewelry offerings. Sarah’s been with Heirloom Finds since August 2014, and she enjoys being able to research jewelry and share its story with customers.

Sarah Cline 1

Sarah Cline takes pride in providing excellent customer service, among several other responsibilities.

Sarah Cline, Operations Associate

Sarah joined Heirloom Finds in June 2014. She handles customer service, orders supplies, assists with inventory management and helps pack shipments. She also takes phone orders and will personally call a customer if an order needs clarification. “We’re close-knit here,” she says. “You couldn’t ask for better people.”

by Sara Bir