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Easy High-Glam Halloween Costumes: Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington

We’ve been examining classic Halloween costumes that only require a few great accessories on a simple outfit to effortlessly transport you from workday to soiree. Having covered Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly, we’re now turning our attention to real-life fashion maverick Grace Coddington’s signature look. Such a posh Halloween ensemble can be pulled together in minutes, and its lasting glamour can easily be worn throughout the year!

Monochrome Marquis Burst Collar Necklace

This monochrome marquis crystal necklace and earrings set is the perfect choice for a Coddington look.

You may recognize Coddington from the 2009 documentary The September Issue. She’s Creative Director for the American edition of Vogue, and we love how this former model of swingin’ sixties London has resisted having plastic surgery and let her true shelf shine. The more she’s aged, the frizzier and more cartoon-red her hair becomes, giving the soft-spoken Coddington a larger-than-life edge.

Pave Golden Hoop Earrings

Sport these incredible earrings on Halloween and whenever you need some elegant glam.

This costume is built around a frizzy red wig and any kind of tasteful black dress or pantsuit. Add classy, timeless jewelry and you’re set. If someone asks you who are, just say, “Grace Coddington, of course!” And your costume can always double for American Horror Story’s Myrtle Snow.

Luxe Gold Pave Links Stretch Bracelet

Complete your costume with this luxe gold tone pave crystal bracelet.

Here’s to a fun, safe, and fabulous Halloween!

by Sara Bir


Easy High-Glam Halloween Costumes: Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly

For the second in our series of effortlessly glamourous Halloween costumes, we’re turning to everyone’s favorite rainy-day cinema classic: Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

To get your Audrey on, start with your favorite little (or long) black dress, and then add a riot of pearls and rhinestones (Holly Golightly said it’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re forty, but she didn’t have anything against sparkles). Go here for the hairdo how-to. Now pick your jewelry, and all you need are black gloves and George Peppard (sigh).

Waves of Deco Hair Clip

This shimmering clip is absolutely perfect for a Holly Golightly look.

Art Deco Duchess Clip On Earrings

These sweet crystal clip-on earrings add the just the right amount of sparkle.

Are you a die-hard Hepburn fan in love with her elegant fashion sense? This highly recognizable costume can be copied and customized throughout year. These sparkly baubles won’t go out of style!

Deco Across the Centuries Ring

You’ll want to wear this crystal studded filigree ring all year, not just with your fabulous Halloween costume.

Pearl Collar Art Deco Necklace

Complete your costume with this gorgeous faux pearl collar necklace.

Who’s next on our list? It’s a fashion icon who got her start in swinging ‘60s London and continues to be a tastemaker in publishing and style to this day. Stay tuned!

by Sara Bir


All Treats, No Tricks: Halloween Jewelry

We have Halloween jewelry that’s both eerie and fashionable.

Halloween gives us a free pass to be outlandish and over-the-top. It’s not just about candy and pumpkins and ghost stories—the weeks leading up to Halloween allow you to celebrate a part of yourself that you might keep toned down the other months of the year. Whether you’re into spooky drama or playful cats and bats, we’re got jewelry ranging from fun to fancy. Why wait for All Hallows’ Eve? Start flaunting your Halloween bling now!

This crystal spider web ear cuff is as spooky as it is spectacular.

This crystal spider web ear cuff is as spooky as it is spectacular.

Were the bride of Frankenstein’s monster around today, she’d probably love this glitzy, on-trend spider web ear cuff. It comes with a matching spider stud for the other ear.

Trick or treat is always sweeter with great Halloween jewelry.

Why should kids have all of the fun? Grown-ups who hand out trick-or-treat candy have seized on the opportunity to don costumes. With a long black dress and the right jewelry for your personality, you can easily pull together a costume to remember.

This gold tone spider web necklace makes a seriously glamorous Halloween fashion statement.

Halloween statement jewelry does not need to be cartoony—our gold-tone spider web necklace is classy enough to wear to work, but splashy enough to don for parties and trick-or-treat night.

She’s a cute black kitty that really likes jewelry.

This sweet little goblin loves our spider web brooch.

Children, of course, love Halloween. Give the little goblins in your life keepsakes to enjoy every Halloween to come.

These skull and dagger earrings are so calavera chic.

These skull earrings with black dagger crystals have a Dia de los Muertos vibe that’s a little punk, too. Add a stretchy black choker, and you have an alluring goth look that’s not just for Halloween.

This Halloween brooch will scare up some glam for your seasonal wardrobe.

Crystal Halloween icon pins bring a colorful touch of fun to blazers, hat bands, and sweaters.

This bat bracelet has a hematite finish, red crystal eyes and excellent vampire appeal.

Our silver tone bat bracelet makes a hauntingly gorgeous fashion accessory.

Our glam-tastic assortment of crystal bat and spider cuff bracelets would make Elvira jealous in an instant. Why not cut a little loose this Halloween? Our fashion-forward jewelry finds help you count down to October 31st in high style.

by Sara Bir


Easy High-Glam Halloween Costumes: Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra

CleopatraGlamour is half the thrill of a good Halloween costume, but putting that costume together should be a treat, not a task. Over the next few weeks, we’re sharing some striking costume ideas we’ve pulled from the past and present. All you need is the right dress and a perfect combination of jewelry. And that’s the best part—you can continue enjoying your jewelry finds all year, long after Halloween, because they’re smart, stylish, and trendy. So relax! You’re shopping for your real-life wardrobe, too, not just a costume.


Snake Drape Lariat Necklace in Gold

This is our snake drape lariat necklace with pave crystal accents.

Victor Gets the Coils Snake Bracelet

Our antiqued gold tone snake cuff bracelet will look great even when you’re not in costume.

Victor Gets the Coils Snake Wrap Ring Bracelet

Our serpentine wrap ring has an amazing Cleopatra vibe.

The 1963 movie Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor, is best known for its colossal budget, sumptuous costumes and jewelry, and the fiery love affair that sparked behind the scenes between Taylor and co-star Richard Burton. The over-the-top nature of the production and its lore make it a splashy source for inspiration.

Golden Snake Ear Cuff

This detailed gold tone snake ear cuff is perfect for your Ancient Egyptian aspirations.

Cicada Collar Necklace

This cicada collar necklace and earrings set makes an incredible insect statement.

Taylor had an astounding 65 costume changes in the film, so there’s no shortage of sources for inspiration. Whatever you do, pile on the snakes, scarabs, cicadas, and beaded gold-tone bib necklaces. They’ll make great fashion statements long after the Halloween season is over.

Snug as a Bug Bracelet in Black

Add this scarab link bracelet to your Halloween costume, then wear it year-round for maximum Cleopatra appeal.

Emerald Green Beaded Bib Necklace

Complete the look with our outstanding emerald green beaded bib necklace.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next costume picks, featuring the star of another Hollywood classic, plus a classy real-life fashionista.

by Sara Bir