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Festival Jewelry: Boho Baubles at their Finest

Attending a music festival is a chance to express your bohemian spirit in a vivacious environment charged with creative energy. Here at Heirloom Finds, we’re excited to offer a wide selection of new boho styles, from glamorous fringe pendant necklaces to seed bead bracelets to midi rings that will delight your inner indie fashionista. Combine any of these beauties with a flower crown, sunnies and your favorite cutoffs, and you’re already well on your way to becoming a fabulous festival fashion plate.


To capture the bohemian spirit of the Southwest, you cannot go wrong with styling sterling and turquoise.

Finding new styles of hippie chic jewelry is of course nothing short of thrilling, but scoring vintage pieces to rock with your festival couture authentically connects you with an undeniably vibrant past. Luckily for you, we’ve rolled out an amazing collection of vintage Southwestern Native American jewelry that captures the region’s inspiring beauty and the retro vibe of 1970’s freewheeling fashion.

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Pile on eye-catching turquoise and coral necklaces, then add a sterling snake arm cuff!

Southwestern sterling silver mined from the earth combined with fiery red coral and turquoise stones the color of the sea and sky gives you an elemental edge you simply cannot find elsewhere. Imagine multiple retro sterling necklaces tucked beneath loose Janis Joplin hair. Visualize a mountain of turquoise bracelets stacked into an arm party every festival crowd member will envy. Fantastic, yes?


Bring the festival to your digits with some vintage Southwestern sterling rings.

And the rings! Have you ever been in a Western style trading post and found yourself ogling the mélange of inlaid turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, abalone and jet found in the ring display cases? Maximize your hippie cred this festival season by stacking some or several vintage sterling rings on your digits. You won’t regret their dazzling effect!


Boldly rock stacks of vintage sterling and turquoise rings and cuffs.

So, when packing your bags to leave for this year’s big musical gathering, don’t forget to include sunblock, lip balm, your best fringed boho threads and a lavish array of Southwestern jewelry. Your eclectic ensemble will shine with throwback pizzazz wherever you bohemian spirit takes you on this year’s festival adventures.

by Sarah Clark

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Blissed-Out Bonnaroo Style: Let The Real You Shine

Every music festival has its own culture, its ownbonnaroo2 fleeting, instant community. More than the bands and the music itself, this is the draw: the thrill and comfort of being with your tribe.

 The tribe (and vibe) at Bonnaroo is inclusive and blissed-out. A magical bond happens when thousands of people gather in close quarters in a giant field for days on end under the June sun. Everyone gets stinky and sweaty and dirty, and so the artifice of looking prim and proper melts away.

This is your chance to express the wild part of yourself that you can’t in everyday life. The person who wears fringed beaded chokers a la Cher circa 1973. Get in touch with your devious self. Be free!fringe

There’s no wonder that free-wheelin’ gypsy look is so in at music festivals like Roo: not only does it look cool, it keeps your body cool, too. With the sun pounding down and Tennessee humidity thick and hot and sticky, comfort is less about what you are not wearing than what you are. Bikini tops, gauzy dresses, and billowy blouses won’t weigh you down.

Your Bonnaroo checklist is long enough for absolute essentials like bug spray and sunscreen, so keep your accessory checklist short and sweet. Why not wear the same accessories the whole time and create an instant signature, your own festival identity?

Know how to rock a big, floppy sun hat. It protects your skin and creates shade wherever you go. Spruce up your hat with a bright, free-flowing scarf and a statement brooch, like a bee or butterfly.

Let your accessories do double duty, like these hidden pocket leather cuffs for stashing a few bills to keep handy. Necklaces may bog you down, but a sparkly scarf necklace is flashy and breezy at once. Plus you can switch it up as a head wrap or belt.

Large but lightweight earrings keep you cool while expressing your style.  Big hoops bring splashes of color. Or choose a look that’s more simple and ethereal.

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Don’t overlook other items that may seem like luxuries: dry shampoo to keep your hair from getting greasy, BodyGlide to make strolling and dancing chafe-free, and holistic sleep aids like Hyland’s Calms for those times when your mind is fully wound up but your body needs a rest. Prepping for Roo—or any big music festival—can be overwhelming, but placing an emphasis on a fun, funky, and functional Bonnaroo wardrobe isn’t a frivolity. Figuring out how to feel glam in the midst of grungy tents and smelly soles will set you up for an optimal festival experience. Let the real you shine!

By Sara Bir