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Brown and Black 3

Layer on the Beads this Fall

We’ve been seriously crushing on the brilliantly bold look of layered beaded necklaces here at Heirloom Finds lately. Their potential for adding playful pops of color to any ensemble is highly appealing, while the chunky construction is perfect for making a fabulous statement when dainty chains simply will not do. What’s not to love?

If you’re feeling the attraction of this exciting trend, we have an extravagant array of beaded necklaces that are sure to tickle your fancy. Prefer to go retro? We’ve released a collection of vintage multi strand necklaces and sets that will fit a range of occasions. Searching for some inspiration for your fall fashion lineup? This style guide will have you rocking the beaded layered look in no time!

Fall Colors

We’re in love with how these layered necklaces evoke brisk autumn glamour.

If your cool weather cardigans need some extra shine, try tricking them out with crystal necklaces in earthy brown and orange colors that fit the fall season. The shimmer of pretty glass beads will sparkle up any outfit, while the caramel, chocolate and pumpkin hued palette will evoke changing leaves and tasty autumn treats. How scrumptious! For an added touch of drama, try including a strand of bold black beads with an entrancing opaque gleam.


You don’t have to stop loving boho just because summer’s ending.

Were you in love with summer’s bohemian trend as much as we were? You don’t have to let the festival stop! Simply layer bold beaded necklaces in brisk autumn shades for a hippie chic vibe that will last all fall. Avoid colorful prints and opt for an elegant black blouse if you prefer a more modern look while still letting that free spirit shine.

Purple 2

Amethyst hues and late summer blooms. What more can you ask for?

Don’t feel obligated to wear only earthy neutral colors for autumn. The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2015 indicates that the season’s style landscape will be filled with bolder, more vibrant hues. Feel free to experiment accordingly! We’re especially thrilled that Amethyst Orchid is included in the Pantone Color Institute’s fall lineup, because we’re totally in awe of this curated set of vintage amethyst beaded necklaces.

We hope you’re ready to start building your own beaded necklace collection! Remember, the possibilities for styling beaded necklaces are limited only by your imagination. How are you going to rock the layered look this season?

by Sarah Clark


How to Rock This Year’s Back to School Looks

Heirloom Finds Tortoise Shell Crystal Burst Pendant Necklace

Get your new Trapper Keepers out! What’s the most important thing about the first day of school? It isn’t finding out where your locker is, or the desk you wind up sitting in. Everyone knows it’s what you wear—not because of how it makes you look, but because of how it makes you feel. A great outfit puts a positive spin on everything to follow, giving you a confidence that builds and builds all year long.

We asked Sarah Saho, a 15-year-old incoming sophomore at Warren High School in Vincent, Ohio, to show us easy ways to weave this fall’s key trends into back-to-school looks: pastels, statement chains, sporty attire, and iconic prints and pendants. Here she wears our tortoiseshell statement necklace that combines the chunky chains we’ve been seeing on runways with a crystal floral pendant. The tactile appeal of special jewelry can provide a calming respite during a dull lecture. “When I’m bored in class,” Sarah says, “I like to look down at my jewelry and just think about a memory that it gives me, or just enjoy how cool it looks.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry's Rock, Paper, Scissors pendant necklace

Sarah showing off her unique Rock, Paper, Scissors pendant necklace.

That’s not to say Sarah’s a slacker—she’s one of the most confident girls we know! An aspiring actress, Sarah modeled for us before opening night of a youth production of “Fiddler of the Roof” (she played Yente the matchmaker). “I’ve always been interested in acting, ever since I first saw a movie,” she says. “I started to act around fifth grade. I love being on stage. I really hope acting stays with me.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Pastel Agate Bohemian Wrapsody Cord Bracelet

Sarah sporting some pastels with her aqua Converse and our Pastel Bohemian Wrapsody Bracelet.

Sarah loves her Converse All-Stars and owns many pairs. These minty Chucks showcase the passion for pastels we’re seeing a lot of this year, just like our cute beaded bracelet.

“A lot of people get accustomed to the normal fashion for teenagers, like jeans and a t-shirt with a name on it,” Sarah says, “but I don’t care as much for a brand. I like to have my own style.” One of Sarah’s favorite places to shop is T.J. Maxx. “You can find more unique things there, and at a lower price.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Gold Tone and Crystal Double Strand Necklace

Sarah takes a pensive pose in our Shining Golden Tribal Shield Necklace.

Teen Vogue is one place Sarah looks to for fashion inspiration, but there’s another: her mom’s closet. “I wear my mom’s stuff all of the time, and I actually get compliments. Either she’s up to date, or I’m old-fashioned.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Tree of Life magnifying glass pendant necklace

Sarah shows us the dual function of fashion and magnifying that her Tree of Life Pendant Necklace can do.

When Sarah saw our tree pendant, she “thought of a family tree. Family is one of the most important things to me. I love my family so much. Four or five of us live on the same road.”

Sarah’s a movie fanatic, and she cites Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as one of her favorites. “It’s so fun. I like the friendship bond they have and the adventure they go through. They’re graduating from high school and trying to figure out their lives, and I like that part of it, too. And I love Sloane’s hair and her white leather jacket with the fringe.” Sarah says she likes a “casual ‘80s look.”

Heirloom Finds style feature Sarah Saho in a ballerina pendant necklace

Sarah layering a petite statement necklace with our Ballerina Dancer Pendant Necklace over a graphic tee.

Sporty print shirts and jerseys like this “Save Ferris” shirt have that casual ‘80s vibe and nod to the current trend for high-fashion sportswear. And the ballerina pendant reflects the trend for playful iconic jewelry and iconic-print clothing.

We think Sarah would look great in whatever she wears. And that’s because she’s so personable and upbeat. She knows who she is, and she’s comfortable in her own skin – and it’s that attitude that puts those back-to-school butterflies at rest like nothing else can. (Cute jewelry certainly can’t hurt, though!)

Heirloom Finds Jewelry White Crystal Bloom Ring Stack Set

Sarah mixes a graphic tee with a floral skirt and our White Blooms Ring Stack.

By Sara Bir