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Denim Jacket 3

Let’s Focus on Brooches

If throwback fashion is kind of your thing, you’re in luck this season. Vintage vibes have overtaken the runway! We here at Heirloom Finds have been noticing that brooches have become especially prominent in this year’s fall fashion trends. If you’re looking for ways to rock these retro baubles while making a cutting-edge statement, we have some tips you’ll be dying to try!

Black Blazer

This vintage Bakelite brooch adds a perfect pop of color to a black blazer.

Perhaps the most commonplace location for attaching a brooch is on a blazer. However, that doesn’t mean the look needs to be boring. Opt for something large, bright and eye-catching to enliven an otherwise demure lapel and attract compliments on your unique fashion sense.

Pink Blazer

A romantic vintage rose brooch makes such a sweet statement on a pink lapel.

If you’re not quite ready to go bold with your brooches, a more delicate alternative is to pair a romantic long-stemmed rose pin with a blush pink blazer. The resulting look is flirty, floral and feminine without being overly cloying.


This Sarah Coventry cameo brooch adds classic appeal to your workday wardrobe.

Does your workday wardrobe include several collared blouses? Every one of those tops offers an opportunity to style a vintage pin. Simply attach a classically gorgeous brooch below the top button and go! It’s best to opt for smaller, lightweight pieces in these instances.

Blanket Scarf 2

This 1960′s aurora borealis crystal brooch suits a purple striped blanket scarf perfectly!

Trying to keep off the crisp autumn chill? You can easily rock a brooch while staying bundled up! Pick out a cozy blanket scarf, wrap it around you and attach a brooch to hold it in place. We’re sort of obsessed with the look of sparkling crystals against soft woven textiles.

White Ruanna 2

This vintage wire wildflower brooch makes a striking statement on a fringed knit ruana.

The resurgence of the ruana this year provides yet another fantastic chance for rocking a brilliant brooch. Choose something bright, bold and metallic to fasten onto a fringed wrap. The ruana’s versatile nature is replete with potential with regard to pin placement.

Turtleneck 2

Take a turtleneck and add a fabulous floral brooch to achieve vintage fashion greatness.

If sweaters are more your scene, try fastening an eye-catching brooch onto a turtleneck collar. You couldn’t ask to look more fabulous while staying so warm! We prefer the appearance of a metallic flower pin against a darker knit for optimum autumn panache.

Denim Jacket

This super cute cluster of floral brooches expertly enlivens a basic denim jacket.

Don’t be afraid to wear more than one brooch at once! The clustered look is lovely when you have the right collection of pins. The possibilities here are limitless! A few flower pins, for example, turn a denim jacket into a backdrop for a lovely bouquet of beautiful blooms.

Hat 2

This darling Coro cameo brooch makes the ideal companion for a black floppy hat.

Think brooches are only for wearing below the shoulders? Think again! Any pin styled on a chic chapeau can make an incredibly gorgeous and wholly original statement. A band on a black floppy felt hat is the perfect place for fastening the prettiest brooch you own. You can also experiment in glamming up beanies, cloches and trilbies as well to curate a look that’s uniquely you.


Wear a retro brooch in your hair to make an unparalleled vintage fashion statement.

If you have a hair tie, you have one more opportunity to show off a favorite brooch. A basic ponytail becomes something one-of-a-kind when you add a brooch to the back. Any hairstyle you choose, however, has creative potential for stunningly showcasing a pin.

These suggestions should have you well on your way to becoming a brooch styling expert. Enjoy finding your favorite way to wear these dazzlingly versatile accessories!

by Sarah Clark

Antiqued Earrings 2

The Season of Statement Earrings

We’ve been studying the runways, red carpets and fashion mags here at Heirloom Finds and have noticed an absolutely thrilling trend: statement earrings are in for Fall 2015! Our stellar selection of extraordinary ear candy offers something for nearly every fashionista who wants to stay current this season.

Gold Tassel Earrings

These dazzlers flash luxuriant goldtone glamour with swinging chain fringe.

Are you dying to combine two of today’s trends while standing out from the crowd? A fabulous pair of tassel statement earrings fits the current fringe fascination and will catch eyes wherever they’re worn. From the office to the gala, these glorious goldtone earrings glam up demure autumn palettes while drawing much-deserved attention to your face.

Filigree Earrings

Bohemian flair that’s suitable for fall is what you can expect from these earrings.

If you find yourself unable to give up summer’s boho vibes, we have earrings that will let your free spirit shine without looking too festival chic. These brass-tone beauties are full of romantic bohemian attraction that’s perfect for apple picking, pumpkin carving, latte sipping and all your other autumn adventures.

Antiqued Earrings

Add a modern twist to your ensemble with these edgy antiqued beauties.

To really amp up this season’s glamour game, try rocking some ultra-luxe antiqued goldtone earrings. These earrings’ modern design, fanning rhinestones and edgy finish make an extra bold statement you can’t help but covet.

Tortoise Oval Earrings

Catch eyes with a classic fall favorite using faux tortoiseshell ear candy.

The classic mottled brown hues of simulated tortoiseshell resin combined with glittering crystal accents are undeniably appealing paired with cardis, blazers and anything warm enough to keep brisk temperatures at bay.

Vintage Cameo Earrings

Vintage earrings offer unique appeal when curating your autumn outfits.

Don’t overlook the vintage! We’ve noticed how retro-inspired accessories have been adorning couture and are so pleased to have a catalog filled with authentic vintage treasures. These earrings offer a gothic spin on the classic cameo and a linear filigree design that’s fashionably flattering. Looking for something else that’s still similarly unique? Peruse our extensive line of vintage earrings for more beautiful statement-makers.

Are you ready to get out there and get noticed this season? Simply slip on a favorite pair of statement earrings and go!

by Sarah Clark

Brown Stone Tassel 2

Falling in Love with Autumn Tassels

We’re all about fringe for fall this year here at Heirloom Finds. Tassels that combine attractively sweeping lengths, classically delicate vibes and edgy designs make the optimum autumn accessories. Their elongating effect is fantastically flattering and perfect for adding the ideal amount of flash to any ensemble.

Gold Tassel Earrings

Swaying flash and a gleaming finish make these tassel earrings absolutely perfect for fall.

One of our favorite aspects of tassels? They’re so incredibly versatile in their ability to transition from breezy bohemian to elegantly tailored with a simple change of outfit. And their swinging kinetic appeal is both entrancing and effortlessly fun!

Vintage Ball Tassel

Sparkling crystals and a timeless design make this vintage necklace incredibly appealing.

We can’t help but notice that this season’s fashion landscape is full of retro-inspired clothing and baubles. Why not craft your own look using authentic vintage jewelry? The tassel pendants of yesteryear are definitely as admirable as they are today. Paired with a cozy pullover and jeans, the right vintage fringe necklace will add a brisk autumn vibe to your casual couture. If you need “something old” for an October wedding, our vintage catalog is replete with classic necklaces that fit well with bridal attire while staying true to the fall fringe trend.

Orange Stone Tassel 2

If you like the look of artistic tassels, this mixed media necklace is your ideal companion.

Another thing we love about tassels is the fact that they come is such beautifully diverse styles. They are far from restricted to chain fringe and a metallic finish. Mixed media pieces composed of polished stones, leather and thread add artistically eclectic flair to fit your unique personality. How fabulous!

Hematite Tassel Bracelet

This dramatic fringe bracelet brings the trend to your wrist in style.

The timeless feel of the season’s fringe trend is simply irresistible, so make sure your autumn wardrobe is ready for an influx of beautiful tassel jewelry that’s easy to style and always on point. How do you plan on showing off your tassel necklaces, earrings and bracelets this fall?

by Sarah Clark

Brown and Black 3

Layer on the Beads this Fall

We’ve been seriously crushing on the brilliantly bold look of layered beaded necklaces here at Heirloom Finds lately. Their potential for adding playful pops of color to any ensemble is highly appealing, while the chunky construction is perfect for making a fabulous statement when dainty chains simply will not do. What’s not to love?

If you’re feeling the attraction of this exciting trend, we have an extravagant array of beaded necklaces that are sure to tickle your fancy. Prefer to go retro? We’ve released a collection of vintage multi strand necklaces and sets that will fit a range of occasions. Searching for some inspiration for your fall fashion lineup? This style guide will have you rocking the beaded layered look in no time!

Fall Colors

We’re in love with how these layered necklaces evoke brisk autumn glamour.

If your cool weather cardigans need some extra shine, try tricking them out with crystal necklaces in earthy brown and orange colors that fit the fall season. The shimmer of pretty glass beads will sparkle up any outfit, while the caramel, chocolate and pumpkin hued palette will evoke changing leaves and tasty autumn treats. How scrumptious! For an added touch of drama, try including a strand of bold black beads with an entrancing opaque gleam.


You don’t have to stop loving boho just because summer’s ending.

Were you in love with summer’s bohemian trend as much as we were? You don’t have to let the festival stop! Simply layer bold beaded necklaces in brisk autumn shades for a hippie chic vibe that will last all fall. Avoid colorful prints and opt for an elegant black blouse if you prefer a more modern look while still letting that free spirit shine.

Purple 2

Amethyst hues and late summer blooms. What more can you ask for?

Don’t feel obligated to wear only earthy neutral colors for autumn. The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2015 indicates that the season’s style landscape will be filled with bolder, more vibrant hues. Feel free to experiment accordingly! We’re especially thrilled that Amethyst Orchid is included in the Pantone Color Institute’s fall lineup, because we’re totally in awe of this curated set of vintage amethyst beaded necklaces.

We hope you’re ready to start building your own beaded necklace collection! Remember, the possibilities for styling beaded necklaces are limited only by your imagination. How are you going to rock the layered look this season?

by Sarah Clark


All Treats, No Tricks: Halloween Jewelry

We have Halloween jewelry that’s both eerie and fashionable.

Halloween gives us a free pass to be outlandish and over-the-top. It’s not just about candy and pumpkins and ghost stories—the weeks leading up to Halloween allow you to celebrate a part of yourself that you might keep toned down the other months of the year. Whether you’re into spooky drama or playful cats and bats, we’re got jewelry ranging from fun to fancy. Why wait for All Hallows’ Eve? Start flaunting your Halloween bling now!

This crystal spider web ear cuff is as spooky as it is spectacular.

This crystal spider web ear cuff is as spooky as it is spectacular.

Were the bride of Frankenstein’s monster around today, she’d probably love this glitzy, on-trend spider web ear cuff. It comes with a matching spider stud for the other ear.

Trick or treat is always sweeter with great Halloween jewelry.

Why should kids have all of the fun? Grown-ups who hand out trick-or-treat candy have seized on the opportunity to don costumes. With a long black dress and the right jewelry for your personality, you can easily pull together a costume to remember.

This gold tone spider web necklace makes a seriously glamorous Halloween fashion statement.

Halloween statement jewelry does not need to be cartoony—our gold-tone spider web necklace is classy enough to wear to work, but splashy enough to don for parties and trick-or-treat night.

She’s a cute black kitty that really likes jewelry.

This sweet little goblin loves our spider web brooch.

Children, of course, love Halloween. Give the little goblins in your life keepsakes to enjoy every Halloween to come.

These skull and dagger earrings are so calavera chic.

These skull earrings with black dagger crystals have a Dia de los Muertos vibe that’s a little punk, too. Add a stretchy black choker, and you have an alluring goth look that’s not just for Halloween.

This Halloween brooch will scare up some glam for your seasonal wardrobe.

Crystal Halloween icon pins bring a colorful touch of fun to blazers, hat bands, and sweaters.

This bat bracelet has a hematite finish, red crystal eyes and excellent vampire appeal.

Our silver tone bat bracelet makes a hauntingly gorgeous fashion accessory.

Our glam-tastic assortment of crystal bat and spider cuff bracelets would make Elvira jealous in an instant. Why not cut a little loose this Halloween? Our fashion-forward jewelry finds help you count down to October 31st in high style.

by Sara Bir


Style Profile: Nicole Harris


Nicole Harris’s style is edgy, contemporary, and fun. We found out about this Williamstown, WV-based artist from her colorful and energetic abstract paintings. On a classic fall day with a hint of chill in the air, she welcomed us into her home with pumpkin donuts and coffee and modeled her favorite Heirloom Finds jewelry picks.


One of the things we enjoy most about Nicole’s fashion sense is her willingness to go with what’s unexpected, whether it’s pairing plaid flannel with tortoise shell or shimmery crystals with casual wear—she makes it look genuine and natural, because, for her, it is.


How would you describe your personal style?
There’s not a lot of fuss put into what I am wearing… I want to be comfortable, first and foremost. I tend to dress minimally and let my accessories shine! This has always been my style statement.I flip the same outfit with different accessories. It works. I stand out. Boring be gone! I have an extreme passion to compose, be it an outfit, art, home decor, etc.


What are your favorite places to look for fashion inspiration?
I look on Pinterest for outfit inspirations and see what is being shown on the runways for the following season. I take in what people are wearing on popular television shows. I also, find much inspiration in what my friends are wearing. I also read Refinery29A Cup of Jo, and Yahoo Style.


Do you think your painting style is reflected at all in the way you dress?
I am much more adventurous with my paintings than with my fashion, but I find that the aesthetic in both have a fundamental alignment. In both my paintings and my outfits, I strive to be an individual. The crazy squiggle in my paintings or mixing vintage accessories with current-store bought clothing is a way of being unpredictable and unique. You never know what I’m going to wear or paint next. I’m not afraid to put things together that others might not consider doing in both my paintings and my fashion styling.


What draws you to the act of painting?
It’s the most fluid way for me to compose colors and produce something beautiful on a whim. I feel like it’s my avenue of communication. I can really explain myself through a symphony of colors. My paintings are like seeing a song: there is harmony, dissonance, rhythm, and also emotion and energy. This is how I tell stories.

What do you get out of it that you don’t get from other media/creative outlets?
I can dive into my imagination without any restrictions. It’s so freeing.  Being an abstract/abstract expressionistic painter, I paint honesty. There’s only honest emotion exploding on the canvas, in whatever direction I feel at the moment.  I don’t feel limited. I am not trying to replicate anything. I am creating a psychedelic experience, just by viewing my paintings. It’s a medium that stands still, but moves the viewers. I love that.

Nicole’s Etsy store is www.aquirkyius.etsy.com


by Sara Bir


Add Color to Your Spring: Time to Plant Bulbs!

Heirloom Finds Jewelry bulbs crocus

Imagine a flower that will thrive after six frosty months in the ground, with you not lifting one finger. That’s the glory of spring bulbs. Daffodils, crocuses, tulips, hyacinths, and many more well-known favorites in this category. They’re the ideal entrée for a beginning gardener, because bulbs contain all of the food and nutrients that flowers need to bloom. It’s like a handy little kit for picture-perfect blossoms. If you can dig a hole, you can plant bulbs and enjoy their joyful springtime presence for years to come.

Planting bulbs also puts you in a colorful frame of mind as leaves and trees begin to brown all around you. So it’s not just about investing in the promise of cheer for the spring thaw, but infusing color in your life all year round—exactly what we’re all about here at Heirloom Finds.

It only takes five steps, with hardly any active time.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry bulb tulip

  1. Pick your spot.
    Bulbs like well-drained soil, and they love sun. Chose an area with well-drained soil that’s not under an evergreen (deciduous trees aren’t a problem, because when your bulb sprouts, the tree most likely won’t yet have its new leaves.)
Heirloom Finds Jewelry bulb packages

Daffodil and Crocus bulbs ready for planting!

  1. Buy your bulbs.
    Oftentimes around the early fall, stores offer bags of bulbs for a decent price. If you can find loose bulbs for sale at a hardware or garden supply center, look for daffodil bulbs with a cluster of two: this is really two bulbs joined at one root, but you’ll only pay for one bulb.
    A mix of colors in different spots is nice. Petite grape hyacinth adds a splash of purple. Plant groupings of crocus in yellow, purple, and white. And you can get daffodils in a plethora of shades and combinations.
    Consider your climate, too. It’s possible to find bulbs bred for warmer areas, and they’re usually planted later in the season—December, or even January.
Heirloom Finds Jewelry bulb hole

This hole is ready for some bulbs!

  1. Dig your hole.
    The rule of thumb is to dig the hole at least three times deeper than the height of the bulb itself. You can either plant lots of individual bulbs here and there, or cluster a group of four to seven bulbs together in one larger hole. If that’s the case, make a hole that’s about a foot and a half across.
Heirloom Finds Jewelry bulbs in hole

Bulbs placed evenly spaced in the hole.

Place the bulbs equally spaced in the hole with the stem end up (usually it’s a little pointy) and the root end down (it’s hairy, like the root of an onion.) If you purchased bulbs in a package, the recommended spacing and depth are usually printed on the label.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry fall to spring bulbs planted

The bulbs are all covered up. The twig serves as a reminder of where to expect the beautiful blooms come springtime.

  1. Cover it up.
    Fill the hole up with dirt, being mindful not to topple the bulbs over, and tamp it down moderately.
  1. Wait.
    If you don’t want to forget where you planted your bulbs, shove a stick in the spot to serve as a subtle reminder. Water thoroughly just after planting if the weather has been dry. But really, that’s it!

Until your bulbs come up in the spring, enjoy the fall, and read up on other gardening tips. We love Barbara Damrosch’s The Garden Primer—it’s our go-to answer book for most any gardening question. And as you’re musing over those flowers-to-be, don’t be afraid to infuse bright colors or floral designs in your cool-weather wardrobe. The weather may be less than bright, but there’s no reason for your style not to bloom!

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Fall Floral Statement Necklace

Here’s our Black Mixed Media Bloom Collar Necklace, perfect for fall accessorizing!

by Sara Bir

Pinterest Cover - Burst

Lift Up Your Look This Fall with Cobalt Blue


The soothing shade of cobalt blue has been THE color to wear for spring, summer, and fall. And why not? It makes your outfits pop while projecting a calm and collected demeanor.

Cobalt is still going strong for fall. Bright Cobalt is one of Pantone’s fall 2014 colors. They call it “a subtle twist on the traditional cobalt blue, which unifies this season’s blues.” But don’t take Pantone’s word for it. Trend-makers we’ve spotted in cobalt include Kate Middleton, Rihanna, Pablo Picasso, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Obama, and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

This timeless color gets its name from the element cobalt. Cobalt compounds have been used since at least the 14th Century BC to achieve that deep-blue ethereal hue in glass, paint, and glazes. It’s long been used in Chinese blue and white porcelain (flow blue china). Artists such as Domenico Ghirlandaio and Hans Holbein, and Renoir used paints tinted with cobalt compounds.

The illustrator Maxfield Parrish, active in the early 20th century, made an enchanting shade of cobalt blue his signature color, painting luminous, saturated skies in the backgrounds of his fantastical landscapes. His massive popularity at the time—his prints hung in middle-class homes across America—led to the term “Parrish Blue.”

Le Creuset, maker of iconic French enameled cast-iron cookware, produced enduringly popular cobalt blue pieces for years and only recently retired the shade (we heard a rumor that the pigment in the glaze became more expensive, but in any case, hang on to your collectible Le Creuset cobalt pieces!)

Cobalt is your go-to color for altering a stressed-out mood—it actually helps you solve creative problems. You can dress for serene success by donning blue, said to be the color of clear communication. The shade of the night sky and the deep ocean, blue indicates tranquility and stability. Wearing a cobalt ring, bracelet, or pendant can boost your confidence with its calming essence. Color theorists suggest wearing blue on job interviews or first dates to help you stay centered and sanguine.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry To the Last Teardrop Drop Earrings in Cobalt

Here’s our Cobalt To the Last Teardrop Earrings.

We have cobalt jewelry that ranges from sleek and modern to glitzy and glamorous. It’s a color that works with every skin tone and lends tranquility to other blue shades or makes a splash when paired with primary colors like yellow or red.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry model shows off the fall hue cobalt.

Cobalt plays well with a monochrome ensemble to really brighten up a dark look.

You can’t really overdo cobalt; it’s a great color for monochrome. But white, denim, gold, and silver really compliment cobalt, too. And it’s always a hit with white stripes.

For the more daring fans of blue, cobalt-hued nail polish or eye makeup makes a big splash. Forget your nightmarish 1980s blue eye shadow associations. Today’s blue makeup is about colorful statements, not shock factor.

Cool cobalt is still hot. Make this elemental shade your own and stock up on our luxe and soothing cobalt selections. Our blue baubles will make your transition to fall calm, collected, and chic.

by Sara Bir


Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Ivory White Fan Drop Earring perfect for fall.

The first leaves are falling from the trees, the kids are back in school, and the sun is setting earlier. Once upon a time, the arrival of Labor Day signaled it was time to stop wearing white. Remember that old chestnut? “Only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day.”

It brings to mind Emily Post, but the origins go back to the 19th century, when the über-elite used fashion to both secure what they saw as their rightful place in high society and distinguish them from newly wealthy families who didn’t—or couldn’t—know better. “These nouveau-riche folks were often unaware of the standards of high society, so they were given specific codified rules to follow in order to fit in,” says Dr. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Think about it: dirt and stains show up on white clothing easily. White attire represented a leisure class with refined behavior and a staff of underlings who could keep sumptuous clothing bright and clean in the days before Tide to Go pens.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Daringly Art Deco Drop Earrings in Ivory and Opalescent Dreams Bracelet in Matte Gold

Daringly Geometric Drop Earrings in Ivory, paired with our Opalescent Dreams Bracelet.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, at the height of the Gilded Age. Families of Gilded Age tycoons donned white while summering in the exclusive resort towns such as Newport, Rhode Island and Saratoga, New York. Edith Wharton fans can geek out to the breathtaking costumes of Gillian Anderson in the movie adaptation of The House of Mirth and Winona Ryder in The Age of Innocence, as well as the BBC miniseries The Buccaneers (all feature plots with significant action set in the all-important summer resort social season.)

The Gilded Age had rigid, constantly evolving conventions about what was and wasn’t proper, and not only in personal attire, but in personal interaction. “Gilded Age social events were elaborate stages on which costumed and bejeweled players enacted very public dramas. Wealthy women in their finery were under constant scrutiny by those around them,” write Donald Albrecht and Jeannine Falino in Gilded Age New York: Design, Fashion, and Society. Though they didn’t have to slave away in unsafe sweatshops, elite New York society women were slaves to conformity.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Soft Hues Hinged Bracelet in Turquoise and Ivory.

Layered white knits and laces with our Soft Hues Hinged Bracelet.

Fast-forward a hundred or so years, and here we are now. As far as we’re concerned, you can and should wear white whenever you feel like it! But do it with a flair that fits the season. Frosty white jeans are great for fall. Breezy linen and seersucker sundresses? Unless you live in Bali, not so much.

White accessories are a fine way to infuse clean, crisp looks with the darker colors we gravitate toward once there’s a hint of chill in the air. You can’t go wrong with black and white, or a cozy white sweater to turn layering from dreary to darling. White statement chains and cuffs really pop against a dark top, and white leather wrap bracelets dress up casual outfits and keep blazers and suits from looking too stuffy.

Heirloom Finds White Mixed Media Collar Necklace and Earring Set

Our Ivory White Mixed Media Collar Necklace adds a pop of white atop a little black dress.

We have a trove of Edwardian-inspired baubles, too, resplendent with faux crystals and white pearls. And you can flaunt them because you simply like them, not because you’re coveting a spot in the upcoming Social Register. While it’s fun to pine for the glamor and formality of times past, it’s even better to celebrate the freedom we have today to express ourselves in what we choose to wear, when we choose to wear it. (And you thought black was the only color for rebels!) White never goes out of style, no matter which side of Labor Day the calendar falls on.

By Sara Bir


How to Rock This Year’s Back to School Looks

Heirloom Finds Tortoise Shell Crystal Burst Pendant Necklace

Get your new Trapper Keepers out! What’s the most important thing about the first day of school? It isn’t finding out where your locker is, or the desk you wind up sitting in. Everyone knows it’s what you wear—not because of how it makes you look, but because of how it makes you feel. A great outfit puts a positive spin on everything to follow, giving you a confidence that builds and builds all year long.

We asked Sarah Saho, a 15-year-old incoming sophomore at Warren High School in Vincent, Ohio, to show us easy ways to weave this fall’s key trends into back-to-school looks: pastels, statement chains, sporty attire, and iconic prints and pendants. Here she wears our tortoiseshell statement necklace that combines the chunky chains we’ve been seeing on runways with a crystal floral pendant. The tactile appeal of special jewelry can provide a calming respite during a dull lecture. “When I’m bored in class,” Sarah says, “I like to look down at my jewelry and just think about a memory that it gives me, or just enjoy how cool it looks.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry's Rock, Paper, Scissors pendant necklace

Sarah showing off her unique Rock, Paper, Scissors pendant necklace.

That’s not to say Sarah’s a slacker—she’s one of the most confident girls we know! An aspiring actress, Sarah modeled for us before opening night of a youth production of “Fiddler of the Roof” (she played Yente the matchmaker). “I’ve always been interested in acting, ever since I first saw a movie,” she says. “I started to act around fifth grade. I love being on stage. I really hope acting stays with me.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Pastel Agate Bohemian Wrapsody Cord Bracelet

Sarah sporting some pastels with her aqua Converse and our Pastel Bohemian Wrapsody Bracelet.

Sarah loves her Converse All-Stars and owns many pairs. These minty Chucks showcase the passion for pastels we’re seeing a lot of this year, just like our cute beaded bracelet.

“A lot of people get accustomed to the normal fashion for teenagers, like jeans and a t-shirt with a name on it,” Sarah says, “but I don’t care as much for a brand. I like to have my own style.” One of Sarah’s favorite places to shop is T.J. Maxx. “You can find more unique things there, and at a lower price.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Gold Tone and Crystal Double Strand Necklace

Sarah takes a pensive pose in our Shining Golden Tribal Shield Necklace.

Teen Vogue is one place Sarah looks to for fashion inspiration, but there’s another: her mom’s closet. “I wear my mom’s stuff all of the time, and I actually get compliments. Either she’s up to date, or I’m old-fashioned.”

Heirloom Finds Jewelry Tree of Life magnifying glass pendant necklace

Sarah shows us the dual function of fashion and magnifying that her Tree of Life Pendant Necklace can do.

When Sarah saw our tree pendant, she “thought of a family tree. Family is one of the most important things to me. I love my family so much. Four or five of us live on the same road.”

Sarah’s a movie fanatic, and she cites Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as one of her favorites. “It’s so fun. I like the friendship bond they have and the adventure they go through. They’re graduating from high school and trying to figure out their lives, and I like that part of it, too. And I love Sloane’s hair and her white leather jacket with the fringe.” Sarah says she likes a “casual ‘80s look.”

Heirloom Finds style feature Sarah Saho in a ballerina pendant necklace

Sarah layering a petite statement necklace with our Ballerina Dancer Pendant Necklace over a graphic tee.

Sporty print shirts and jerseys like this “Save Ferris” shirt have that casual ‘80s vibe and nod to the current trend for high-fashion sportswear. And the ballerina pendant reflects the trend for playful iconic jewelry and iconic-print clothing.

We think Sarah would look great in whatever she wears. And that’s because she’s so personable and upbeat. She knows who she is, and she’s comfortable in her own skin – and it’s that attitude that puts those back-to-school butterflies at rest like nothing else can. (Cute jewelry certainly can’t hurt, though!)

Heirloom Finds Jewelry White Crystal Bloom Ring Stack Set

Sarah mixes a graphic tee with a floral skirt and our White Blooms Ring Stack.

By Sara Bir