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Style Profile: Nicole Harris


Nicole Harris’s style is edgy, contemporary, and fun. We found out about this Williamstown, WV-based artist from her colorful and energetic abstract paintings. On a classic fall day with a hint of chill in the air, she welcomed us into her home with pumpkin donuts and coffee and modeled her favorite Heirloom Finds jewelry picks.


One of the things we enjoy most about Nicole’s fashion sense is her willingness to go with what’s unexpected, whether it’s pairing plaid flannel with tortoise shell or shimmery crystals with casual wear—she makes it look genuine and natural, because, for her, it is.


How would you describe your personal style?
There’s not a lot of fuss put into what I am wearing… I want to be comfortable, first and foremost. I tend to dress minimally and let my accessories shine! This has always been my style statement.I flip the same outfit with different accessories. It works. I stand out. Boring be gone! I have an extreme passion to compose, be it an outfit, art, home decor, etc.


What are your favorite places to look for fashion inspiration?
I look on Pinterest for outfit inspirations and see what is being shown on the runways for the following season. I take in what people are wearing on popular television shows. I also, find much inspiration in what my friends are wearing. I also read Refinery29A Cup of Jo, and Yahoo Style.


Do you think your painting style is reflected at all in the way you dress?
I am much more adventurous with my paintings than with my fashion, but I find that the aesthetic in both have a fundamental alignment. In both my paintings and my outfits, I strive to be an individual. The crazy squiggle in my paintings or mixing vintage accessories with current-store bought clothing is a way of being unpredictable and unique. You never know what I’m going to wear or paint next. I’m not afraid to put things together that others might not consider doing in both my paintings and my fashion styling.


What draws you to the act of painting?
It’s the most fluid way for me to compose colors and produce something beautiful on a whim. I feel like it’s my avenue of communication. I can really explain myself through a symphony of colors. My paintings are like seeing a song: there is harmony, dissonance, rhythm, and also emotion and energy. This is how I tell stories.

What do you get out of it that you don’t get from other media/creative outlets?
I can dive into my imagination without any restrictions. It’s so freeing.  Being an abstract/abstract expressionistic painter, I paint honesty. There’s only honest emotion exploding on the canvas, in whatever direction I feel at the moment.  I don’t feel limited. I am not trying to replicate anything. I am creating a psychedelic experience, just by viewing my paintings. It’s a medium that stands still, but moves the viewers. I love that.

Nicole’s Etsy store is www.aquirkyius.etsy.com


by Sara Bir

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Lift Up Your Look This Fall with Cobalt Blue


The soothing shade of cobalt blue has been THE color to wear for spring, summer, and fall. And why not? It makes your outfits pop while projecting a calm and collected demeanor.

Cobalt is still going strong for fall. Bright Cobalt is one of Pantone’s fall 2014 colors. They call it “a subtle twist on the traditional cobalt blue, which unifies this season’s blues.” But don’t take Pantone’s word for it. Trend-makers we’ve spotted in cobalt include Kate Middleton, Rihanna, Pablo Picasso, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Obama, and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

This timeless color gets its name from the element cobalt. Cobalt compounds have been used since at least the 14th Century BC to achieve that deep-blue ethereal hue in glass, paint, and glazes. It’s long been used in Chinese blue and white porcelain (flow blue china). Artists such as Domenico Ghirlandaio and Hans Holbein, and Renoir used paints tinted with cobalt compounds.

The illustrator Maxfield Parrish, active in the early 20th century, made an enchanting shade of cobalt blue his signature color, painting luminous, saturated skies in the backgrounds of his fantastical landscapes. His massive popularity at the time—his prints hung in middle-class homes across America—led to the term “Parrish Blue.”

Le Creuset, maker of iconic French enameled cast-iron cookware, produced enduringly popular cobalt blue pieces for years and only recently retired the shade (we heard a rumor that the pigment in the glaze became more expensive, but in any case, hang on to your collectible Le Creuset cobalt pieces!)

Cobalt is your go-to color for altering a stressed-out mood—it actually helps you solve creative problems. You can dress for serene success by donning blue, said to be the color of clear communication. The shade of the night sky and the deep ocean, blue indicates tranquility and stability. Wearing a cobalt ring, bracelet, or pendant can boost your confidence with its calming essence. Color theorists suggest wearing blue on job interviews or first dates to help you stay centered and sanguine.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry To the Last Teardrop Drop Earrings in Cobalt

Here’s our Cobalt To the Last Teardrop Earrings.

We have cobalt jewelry that ranges from sleek and modern to glitzy and glamorous. It’s a color that works with every skin tone and lends tranquility to other blue shades or makes a splash when paired with primary colors like yellow or red.

Heirloom Finds Jewelry model shows off the fall hue cobalt.

Cobalt plays well with a monochrome ensemble to really brighten up a dark look.

You can’t really overdo cobalt; it’s a great color for monochrome. But white, denim, gold, and silver really compliment cobalt, too. And it’s always a hit with white stripes.

For the more daring fans of blue, cobalt-hued nail polish or eye makeup makes a big splash. Forget your nightmarish 1980s blue eye shadow associations. Today’s blue makeup is about colorful statements, not shock factor.

Cool cobalt is still hot. Make this elemental shade your own and stock up on our luxe and soothing cobalt selections. Our blue baubles will make your transition to fall calm, collected, and chic.

by Sara Bir