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How to Style Brooches

Scarf Brooch 2

Dazzling combinations of brooches and accessories give vintage baubles a whole new life.

When we start to pull out our favorite hats, scarves, and jackets in the fall, it’s time to dig into something else, too: brooches. Whether dainty or big and glittery, brooches aren’t just artifacts that grace the lapels of grandmothers’ blazers. This season, we’ve spotted statement brooches all over, from runways to spreads in our favorite glossies.

While a brooch gracing a collar at the base of your neck will never lose its classic appeal, it’s smart and fun to embrace this essential jewelry piece’s versatility. Anywhere you can pin it, you can wear it.

  • Spruce up a basic knit toboggan.
Hat Brooch

Glitz up your favorite chapeau with a pretty brooch fastened above the brim.

  • Make an even bigger statement in an asymmetrical gown with a brooch right at the top of your shoulder. Or pin a matching pair of rosettes at the base of each strap on a sleeveless dress.
  • Glam up a plain gray sweatshirt, boyfriend sweater or denim jacket with a cluster of statement brooches. Grouping together multiple, complimentary brooches brings an edgy new flavor to contemporary or timeless brooches.
Denim Brooches 2

Pin several brooches onto your denim jacket, and add crystal clip-on earrings to the buttonholes for maximum appeal.

  • Pin a brooch at the front of a sash belt, or to the side of a drop-waist dress.
  • Add a brooch to the closure of a cardigan or the center of a collar on a  sweater.
Sweater brooch

Sport a gorgeous brooch at the center of your sweater for an alternative look that’s absolutely stunning.

  • For an unusual keepsake wedding bouquet, check out these brooch bouquet arrangements that swap live flowers for crystal or enameled brooches.
  • Lend sparkle to a clutch or handbag with a simple or elaborate brooch.

Pin a multicolored crystal burst brooch onto your bag for glamour on the go.

  • Keep a scarf in place with a brooch fixed at the knot.
  • For grab-and-go fashion, pair a brooch with all of your favorite fall and winter coats and jackets, and keep them pinned on all season.
Coat Brooches 3

Glitzy baubles and a fabulous color scheme make this arrangement a real success.

  • Lend your Annie Hall-style menswear a feminine tough with a strategically placed, elegant brooch.
  • Add a retro brooch to the lapel on a cardigan. Mix in a graphic tee for added flair.
Cardi Brooch 2 stitched

This 1940′s swallow pin combines perfectly with a comfy cardigan and a graphic tee.

Iconic animal brooches laden with crystals harken back to 1930s and ‘40s style icons like Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor. Looking for something especially distinctive? We also have vintage brooches galore.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright famously wore brooches as a “diplomatic accessory.” She told Smithsonian magazine in 2010, “I was the only woman on the Security Council, and I decided to get some more costume jewelry. On good days, I wore flowers and butterflies and balloons, and on bad days, all kinds of bugs and carnivorous animals. I saw it as an additional way of expressing what I was saying, a visual way to deliver a message.” Why not take a cue from one of the most powerful women in American history? Enjoy yourself when you rock your brooches your way, every day.

by Sara Bir


Easy High-Glam Halloween Costumes: Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly

For the second in our series of effortlessly glamourous Halloween costumes, we’re turning to everyone’s favorite rainy-day cinema classic: Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

To get your Audrey on, start with your favorite little (or long) black dress, and then add a riot of pearls and rhinestones (Holly Golightly said it’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re forty, but she didn’t have anything against sparkles). Go here for the hairdo how-to. Now pick your jewelry, and all you need are black gloves and George Peppard (sigh).

Waves of Deco Hair Clip

This shimmering clip is absolutely perfect for a Holly Golightly look.

Art Deco Duchess Clip On Earrings

These sweet crystal clip-on earrings add the just the right amount of sparkle.

Are you a die-hard Hepburn fan in love with her elegant fashion sense? This highly recognizable costume can be copied and customized throughout year. These sparkly baubles won’t go out of style!

Deco Across the Centuries Ring

You’ll want to wear this crystal studded filigree ring all year, not just with your fabulous Halloween costume.

Pearl Collar Art Deco Necklace

Complete your costume with this gorgeous faux pearl collar necklace.

Who’s next on our list? It’s a fashion icon who got her start in swinging ‘60s London and continues to be a tastemaker in publishing and style to this day. Stay tuned!

by Sara Bir


Natural Glam: Crystals and Rough Cut Stones

Heirloom Finds collection of natural and rough cut faux stone jewelry

Anyone who’s experienced the American Museum of Natural History’s Earth and Planetary Science Halls knows that it’s like visiting another planet. Dark and labyrinthine, the only light in the halls comes from the backlit complex of cases recessed into the walls. Each case holds a mesmerizing assortment of the rockhound’s glory: faceted gems as tiny as your pinkie nail, hulking meteorites larger than a compact car. The white light illuminating the specimens seems to pulsate, as if it were radioactive, originating from the minerals themselves.

There’s a cliché that crystal jewelry is just for the new-age crowd. But natural crystal’s tactile allure has a draw for anyone who values the one-of-a-kind mystique of unrefined stones. We’ve selected a big variety of looks, from ultramodern to elemental, for you to “rock” your style.

Display of amethysts, geodes and natural rough cut stones

Ever break open a geode with a hammer? I used to find egg-sized ones in my stocking on Christmas morning, and remember the almost illicit thrill of cracking apart their unassuming exteriors to reveal the incredible network of minute crystals inside.

Blue dyed stone

Geodes start as air pockets in volcanic rock, or the remains of organic material such as a tree root or animal carcass. Millions of years pass, and dissolved minerals (quartz and calcite, most commonly) seep slowly into the hollow and form many tiny crystals, called druzy. Our pendants take geodes out of the museum gift shop and transform them into wearable curiosities. Raw minerals are not just attractive to look at, but a tangible token of geological history. When featured in jewelry, druzy crystals’ irregular gleam pulls in the eye. It’s chaos at its most calming.

Heirloom Finds rough cut faux stone fashion jewelry collection

Three pieces from our rough cut stone collection.

Crystals and rough stones give dressy clothing a more relaxed, natural feel. In the other direction, they can bring unexpected elegance to jeans and casual tops. Quartz prism pendants on long chains are perfect for summery layering, and the saturated hues of cobalt druzy carry over into the fall.

For a smoother look, polished stones with minimal faceting let the variations and unusual unique character of stones like turquoise, agate, and jasper come through.

Natural glam is for everyone, a singular trend literally eons in the making. It’s bigger than fashion, and as enduring as the rocks and minerals that inspire it.