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Boho 3

Three Ways to Style Your Little White Dress

Although the little black dress is always in fashion, the long summer days we’re currently enjoying call for something just a little bit lighter. Enter the little white dress! A flirty white frock makes a great blank canvas for styling fresh looks, and we here at Heirloom Finds have pulled together three fantastic variations on this vital wardrobe essential.

Breezy Bohemian

The boho chic look is enormously popular this year, so don’t pass up the opportunity to let your hippie chick run free. All you need to do is break out that white dress and pile on a long tribal-inspired necklace, fringe earrings to match and a few of your favorite coordinating bracelets. This updated take on festival couture is the perfect ensemble for road trips, picnics and any occasion your creative spirit needs to shine.

Boho 1

From music festivals to just relaxing al fresco, a boho chic take on the LWD is the way to go.

Boho 2

We’re simply in love with this necklace’s Southwestern take on the modern tassel.

Boho 4

For your hippie chic bracelets, opt for beautiful beads, bold cuffs and geometric patterns.

Casual Chic

Whether you’re celebrating Casual Friday at the office or running errands on the weekend, this laidback look is the way to keep your LWD cute without overdoing it. You’ll need one white dress, one denim jacket, three or more dainty necklaces to layer (we love this combination of inspirational, iconic and magnifier pieces), multiple bracelets stacked in an arm party and a few of your favorite rings. Not only will you be rocking the trendy layered look, you’ll be showing off the baubles you feel that matter most. How fabulous!

Casual 2

This casual take on the LWD lets you curate a collection of favorite baubles to layer.

Casual 3

Ring stacks? Check. Arm party? Check. Super cute magnifier? Of course!

Casual 5

The adventurous vibe of this bracelet stack brings unexpected excitement to this white dress and denim combo.

Date Night Dashing

Planning a special evening out? We’ve been crushing on antiqued gold-tone baubles set with sparkling rhinestones as the optimum choice for fancy nighttime glamour. Simply pair that little white dress with a flattering blazer, add some coordinating high heels and then pile on the jewels! The edgy look of an antiqued gold-tone finish plus the classic shimmer of clear crystals will make this evening ensemble truly memorable. A few bracelets, two layered statement necklaces and one pair of dangle earrings later, and you’ve got yourself one gorgeous go-to date night outfit.

Fancy 2

These baubles glam up the LWD without becoming overwhelming.

Fancy 5

Could you ask for more amazing accessories for date night couture?

Fancy 1

High heels, edgy bracelets, a beautiful blazer and that LWD: perfection!

The effortless versatility of the little white dress makes it a serious style contender this season, so make sure your wardrobe is ready. As long as you have the right accessories in your wheelhouse, customizing the LWD to suit any occasion is sublimely simple. Whether it’s boho, casual or delightfully fancy, enjoy curating your own unique look!

by Sarah Clark


Lariats & Tassels, from Ancient Macedonia to Today’s Fashion Icons

Heirloom Finds model and tassel necklace

One of today’s hottest accessory trends owes its origins to the domestication of horses. In jewelry terms, a lariat is a long, open-ended necklace that has no clasp. But historically, a lariat is a lasso used to catch or lead livestock. Like ropes themselves, decorative lariats have been around for millennia. One of the most iconic examples of a lariat is a golden snake dating back to the Macedonian and Ptolemaic period (332–30 B.C.), which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection.

Heirloom Finds Lariat Necklace

Some lariats are thick and coiled, while other are loose and flowing. The latter, with their light, breezy attitude and fluid movement, are ideal for summer. And lariats that incorporate a pendant with delicate beaded or chain fringe echo the tassels we’ve been seeing all over the place this year, from couture to street wear (and even home décor.) The lariats and tassels in our newest collection run the gamut, offering something for everyone.

One of the most recognizable tassels-wearers might be Mad Men’s Joan Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks. In the show’s first few seasons, Joan never appears at the offices of Sterling Cooper without her gold pen pendant. Much later in the series, as Joan engineers her way out of her secretary role, we see Joan at a party decked out in a stunning red satin dress, flaunting layers of topaz-hued rhinestones and gold-tone rope chains with a tasseled pendant—the jewelry of a powerful woman who wants to call the shots. She wears a more understated but equally striking tasseled pendant to work in Season 6.

Joan’s look is very structured and composed, just as Joan’s demeanor is on the show. But long, slender, and funky lariats speak to the casual boho look. Chain lariats with faceted beads evoke more of a Jazz Age scene, as do strands with tassels and crystals. Flappers loved luxe, long lariats with gemstones or rhinestones and frosty white pearls.

Heirloom Finds Tassel Necklace

Contemporary boho style, with its tassels and airy layering, owes a debt to the young, willowy rockers and groupies who frolicked with musicians and celebrities on the Sunset Strip during the late 60s and early 70s. Plundering thrift shops and vintage stores, they resurrected feminine floral dresses from the 30s and 40s and mixed them with lace, velvet, baubles, and layers upon layers of fringe. (For a fun and dishy read, nab Pamela Des Barres’s I’m With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie. It’s surprisingly uplifting, and will fill you in on this time of unbridled L.A. hippy glam.) While more eclectic than flappers of the 20s, the two styles share an affinity with their liberated, live-in-the-moment approach to fashion and passion.

So whether they’re precious metal that’s thousands of years old or brand-spankin’-new fringed leather accented with rustically hewn stones, lariats and tassels personalize any outfit. Some are crisp and elegant; others are relaxed and casual, but there’s at least one that’s just right for you.

Check out our Pinterest board to see these and more tassely looks.

 By Sara Bir