Art Deco Flapper

Gibson Girl Be Gone-The Rise of the Flapper

The American girl of the late 1800s and early 1900s. She had a massive up-do of long hair, an impossibly thin waist, and curves to write home about, but by the 1920’s she’d had her day. Women were dying to trade that classic Gibson girl garb for fresh flapper fringe that was both boyish and liberating for the female body.

Coco Chanel set the stage for the modern flapper look, and boy did people catch on quick. Women shortened their dresses, bobbed their hair, dropped their waistlines, and pitched the corsets. No more were the curving lines from the previous era, all the girls were after the straight-ironed look with loads of geometric designs and a splash of global influence.

Women weren’t throwing out all their tricks, just reinventing them. The Roaring 20s stayed true to their name with their jewelry roaring in a bigger and more brilliant way. The exciting jeweled bandeau became the newest addition to accessories, while earrings grew in size and linear forms. And don’t forget that classic draping of pearl strands.

It was an explosion of new fashion choices for women, and proved to be a time of great freedom and reinvention for the modern woman. The fascination with the art deco look of the roaring 20’s is still alive and well today in pop culture. Just take a look at the many Gatsby themed weddings or the ever popular flapper Halloween costumes of the past few years. Recently, many Hollywood and television sensations, including Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, have immortalized those classic times. So much, that Tiffany & Co. brought back to life their vintage collection of art deco jewelry for Luhrmann’s film.

Although many people idolize that blue Tiffany’s box, the price tags are enough to shock the fringe right off your dress. If you are looking for a more cost-effective version of some art deco, Gatsby inspired gems, make sure to check out our collection at Heirloom Finds. Our wallet friendly jewelry is a great choice for accessorizing your Halloween costume or even glitzing up your holiday attire this year. Maybe even throw a Jazz Age New Year party while you’re at it!

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By Melanie Lamb


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