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Supporting Local Charities

The Season of Giving

The season of giving is here! And, for us, it’s about so much more than gifts of jewelry. Even though we are an ecommerce company selling globally, we don’t live in the ether of the internet. We are proud to live and work in the Mid Ohio Valley.

We like to show our appreciation for our community by loving on our local charities. Here are some of the amazing local organizations and community programs we support. Thank you to all of the hard-working people that keep these services and support systems running!

Donate your time or money to the Humane Society of Parkerburg

Here one of the HSOP’s volunteers loves on one of the shelter dogs.

Humane Society of Parkersburg

Here at Heirloom Finds, we have always been passionate about our four-legged friends. (Sometimes they even come to work with us!) That’s why we have been loyal supporters of The Humane Society of Parkersburg, WV for the past several years. They are a not-for-profit organization that relies heavily upon donations to provide for their animals. If you’re thinking about giving a forever home to a pet this Christmas, think about adopting one of their adorable fur babies! If you would like to make a donation, click here. You can also connect with them on Facebook!

West Virginia Women Work Charity

Here are just a couple of the nearly 1,000 women West Virginia Women Work has served.

West Virginia Women Work

We believe in empowering women. We celebrate their style with our jewelry and their independence with our donations to West Virginia Women Work. This nonprofit’s main focus is “to help women explore, train and secure employment in nontraditional occupations, especially the skilled trades. “ They have served nearly 1,000 West Virginian women with their coaching service, classes and exploration workshops. Click here to support WV Women Work or connect with them on Facebook.

Shop With A Cop

We value our local youth which is why we contribute to the Shop with a Cop program. All about spreading Christmas cheer, this program has Parkersburg City police officers meeting local, disadvantaged youth at an area Walmart to purchase presents. The children shop the store accompanied by the officers and choose Christmas gifts they are otherwise unable to afford. This program runs entirely on contributions. If you would like to help too, please visit their website.

The Good Samaritan Center

Hunger is an overwhelming and worldwide issue that we believe in combating on a local level, which is why we support a local charity called The Good Samaritan Center. Right in our own back yard, The Good Samaritan Center is a collaborative food pantry and assistance ministry supported by 15 local churches. They provide much-needed food to local individuals and families all year round.

SW Resources Client Employees

Pictured are a handful of the over 200 client employees who currently receive the services of SW Resources.

SW Resources

Our relationship with SW Resources began more than five years ago when we contracted for them with help packing our products. In 2013, we hired two of their clients as members of our staff. This year, we were thrilled to provide jewelry as Christmas gifts for all their clients. SW Resources provides “vocational training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to achieve their full potential.”

All of these programs and organizations care passionately about the local community and the people and pets at the heart of it. During this time of the year, we are reminded of the integral part they play in keeping the area happy and healthy which is why we want to say thank you to all of those caring, encouraging, empowering and giving people, so THANK YOU! Here’s to a bright New Year working side by side!


Heirloom Finds Loves Pets!

You probably already know how much we here at Heirloom Finds love jewelry. What you may not know is that many members of our staff are dedicated animal lovers and pet parents. This week, we asked the crew to submit photos and stories about their furbabies. Get ready for some heartwarming cuteness!


Taz at play and Gracie as a puppy.

Tazzie and Gracie are the spoiled babies of Heirloom Finds owners Kim Williams and Jeanne Peters. Taz the Jack Russell Terrier (or as Jeanne calls him, “terrier of indeterminate origin”) was adopted from a neighbor about ten years ago, and Gracie the Boxer joined their home six years ago. The pair have since become unlikely albeit inseparable best friends and often accompany Kim and Jeanne to work at the HF offices. They spend most of their time sleeping on the job, with brief breaks for walks around the neighborhood and games of tug-of-war (which consists of Gracie dragging Taz around on the other end of a stuffed toy). Taz has a bossy personality and has never recognized that Gracie, who’s consistently gentle, is four times his size.


Marne the lab mix is playful and full of affection.

Marnie, also known as Marnieduke, is Order Fulfillment Specialist Fran William’s lab mix. She was adopted from the Human Society of Parkersburg when Fran and her husband Tom were mourning the loss of Bonkers, their wonderful dog of fifteen years who had recently died of renal failure. As it turns out, Marnie needed the Williams as much as they needed her. Today, Marnie is affectionate, ornery, goofy and simply adorable as she enjoys the puppyhood she missed before being adopted. Fran reports that this sweet dog gives her family laughter, joy and lots of loving kisses.


Puppies on a picnic!

Operations Associate Sarah Cline is the proud mama of three furbabies! Her smallest is a black apple head Chihuahua named Dewey. A friend that was sick with cancer gave him to Sarah when he was a tiny puppy that fit in the palm of her hand. Molly, a tan and brown ShiChi puppy, and Chubby, her long-haired brother, are the children of Dewey and a shih tzu named Maggie. Dewey, Molly and Chubby love playing, barking, wrestling and being silly.  They all have different personalities, with Molly being the troublemaker, Dewey playing the referee and Chubby charmingly copying everything Dewey does. Sarah and her husband love their dogs because they’re their best friends, and despite their orneriness always brighten the Clines’ day by just being there.


Scooter originally hails from Portland, Oregon.

Data Specialist Joe Ryckebosch and First Blush blogger Sara Bir’s dog Scooter was about six years old when he was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society in Portland in 2007. Part Border Collie, part Jack Russell Terrier, Scooter is a loving, devoted pet who has always been bursting with highly focused energy. He’s slowed down quite a bit now that he’s older, but this extra sweet dog still enjoys long walks and chasing balls. Although he sometimes drives them batty, Scooter has become a valued part of his humans’ family. Joe, Sara and their daughter love how his companionship and open heart have brought them all closer together.


Monk has grown from a skittish kitten into a playful furbaby.

Copywriter Sarah Clark’s cat, Monk, was adopted as a seven-week-old semi-feral kitten two months ago. Although she had a reputation for being skittish and hissy at the Human Society of the Ohio Valley in Marietta, Ohio, the brownish-grey tabby calmed down shortly after arriving at her new home. She now divides her time between playing with the multitude of toys her human parents give her and napping on the first available lap she finds. Sarah is a lifelong cat lady at heart, and absolutely melts when Monk, named for her chipmunk-like markings and a 1960’s garage rock band, runs to greet her when she arrives home from work.


Devoted friendship and unconditional love? Yes, please!

Heirloom Finds would like to warmly thank our local Humane Societies for all the important work they do for the community. Looking for a pet of your own? Your best friend just might be waiting for you at your local animal shelter.

by Sarah Clark


An Interview with Actress Scarlet Sheppard

Heirloom Finds recently had the opportunity to coordinate with local body-positive portrait studio Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy and actress Scarlet Sheppard on a day-long photoshoot. Scarlet grew up near HF Headquarters in Parkersburg, West Virginia and graduated with honors from Columbia College Chicago’s theatre program. She currently resides in Southern California and can be found appearing in film, stage and new media productions. We caught up with her to ask her about her modeling experience and personal jewelry favorites.

How was your experience modeling for our recent photo shoot at Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy?

I absolutely loved modeling some of your newest pieces at Hot Tomato! There was so much gorgeous-ness to choose from; I wish we could have done at least a dozen more looks. I especially loved working with photographer Andi Roberts. She was so quick yet precise in setting up each shot. And now seeing the photos, how they’re lit and composed, I really see her vision and am extra impressed!


Scarlet adds star appeal to these baubles inspired by Old Hollywood glamour.

What did you like about the jewelry you were modeling?

I’ll be honest, I don’t typically wear a lot of jewelry. I’m pretty petite (a.k.a. short!) and I think that’s made me shy away from accessories in general because they sometimes make me feel like a little kid playing dress up in her mother’s closet. But as glamorous and bold as each piece was, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by any of it. I was wearing the jewelry, it wasn’t wearing me! That’s true for each of the collections, even the uber glamorous Old Hollywood line. Each piece at Heirloom Finds has that vintage heirloom feel as though it’s been passed down from one chic generation of women to the next.


Photographer Andi Roberts staged beautiful bohemian backdrops.

How did you come to be an actress and model? What do you like about the work you do?

Well, I started dancing with the local ballet company around age four and really loved that. Soon it became obvious that I loved performing in any capacity (a.k.a. I was a total ham) so when I was asked to do some commercials and print modeling around town, my parents supported me doing that although they were very careful not to become “stage parents.” I had to be motivated to do these things for myself. So I just auditioned for everything I could in the Mid-Ohio Valley and started planning a path towards acting professionally that inevitably took me to Los Angeles. Along the way, I’ve met various filmmakers and photographers who need models for their projects and kindly think of me. That’s been super fun and a bit of a surprise! I never thought I could model for real. My interest in acting and modeling both grew out of a love of dance, I think. Each is about placing yourself in a new world and allowing the stories of that world to move through you physically.


Scarlet’s interest in acting and modeling grew from a love for dancing.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have a special approach to fashion? What do you wear on a given day?

I love fashion and sometimes feel like a clothing collector, but I try not to take it too seriously. I wear things that make me happy! Maybe I’d call it “whimsical, cowgirl flower child?” That’s ridiculous, but accurate. I’m inspired by my favorite films and the actresses in them. I have these ankle laced gladiator sandals (which I actually wore for the boho collection photos!) that remind me a lot of the ones Audrey Hepburn wears in Roman Holiday when she gets her hair cut and eats gelato. I always have my trusty, brown leather, map-faced watch on with some kind of delicate gold bracelet alongside it. Or sometimes I’ll just let a big, colorful statement necklace do all the talking!

Do you have any favorite pieces from the Heirloom Finds catalog? 

YES! The Opalescent Fan Statement Necklace, Burgundy Warrior Tassel Pendant, Silver Spring Pastels Diadem Statement NecklaceStone Geode Statement Ring and the Rose Quartz Orb Topped Goldtone Cuff Bracelet are all in my suitcase at this very moment.


Pursuing a career in acting or modeling? Scarlet recommends that you be ready to do your best.

Do you have any advice for anyone pursuing a career in acting or modeling?

Be easy and fun to work with! “Networking” is an icky word, but the more people you meet and show kindness to (in life, as well as in your career) the happier you’ll be and the more opportunities will come your way. Be on time, be excited to be at whatever photoshoot or audition or job or rehearsal the day presents you with. Be ready to do your best. Ideally, this will just come naturally because this type of work IS so much fun. But it’s still a job and sometimes you’d rather be in bed. That’s okay, but don’t forget to be grateful that you’ve been asked to come and play!

by Sarah Clark


Throw Your Own Fabulous Sparkly Ladies’ Night Party

“What night is your Mom Prom party, again?” my husband asked as the countdown to Sparkly Ladies’ Night 2014 whittled down to single digits. “No, no, it’s not Mom Prom,” I replied. “You don’t have to be a mom to go. And Sparkly Ladies’ Night is a zillion times better than prom. Prom is for kids. It’s a letdown. This is fabulous.” We laugh. We hug each other. We make new friends. We cut loose. We indulge in wearing shiny, outlandish outfits. We strut our stuff in front of an appreciative audience: each other. We dance without reserve. We’re not there to impress anyone but ourselves.


The concept is infectious. To combat the late-winter blahs, you can pull together your own Sparkly Ladies’ Night and glam it up; since the concept itself is the hook, you can make it as big or as intimate as you like.

The original Sparkly Ladies’ Night evolved organically. What started as a dinner date for eight close friends in the quiet town of Marietta, Ohio grew into a blowout celebration that marked its fourth year last December. It’s the brainchild of fashion and graphic designer Nikki Butler, who dreamt it up as an excuse to don the glittery clothes she never had a decent reason to wear. They booked a table at a local restaurant, with a casual yet luxe atmosphere. Butler wore jeans, a sequin top, and a fur coat, and some fabulous jewelry.


Sparkly Ladies’ Night, the brainchild of Nikki Butler (far right), has evolved into a celebration of friendship, empowerment, and fun.

It’s the ultimate girls’ night out, and unlike a bachelorette party, there’s no agenda, no rights of passage; the focus is about the group itself. At our Sparkly Ladies’ Night 2014, there were straight women and gay women, mothers of five and women who are glad not to be parents. There were curvy women and thin women, women in their 60s attending with their grown daughters.


Sparkly Ladies’ Night is a time to be outrageous and candid.

To make the annual party more of an occasion, Butler rented out an event space, booked a DJ and a bartender, and incorporated the talents of some of her gifted friends and women entrepreneurs—a floral designer who provided stunning arrangements, a pastry chef who shared beautiful and delicious desserts,  and a portrait photographer who captured the festivities for posterity


Such a fabulous gathering deserves delicious treats.

Anyone anywhere could throw a Sparkly Ladies’ Night. You either get it or you don’t. Obviously my husband doesn’t, but this night is not about the guys, anyway. For those of you who do get it, here’s what you need to know:


Pick a date that’s in the middle of an uneventful stretch of time. If you live in a cold climate, icky winter months are perfect. That’s when you need sparkle the most.  Oscar night is an ideal opportunity for styling your own brand of Hollywood shine.


Invite people you love to be around. Ask your friends to do the same. The beauty of the concept is that its scope can be as intimate or grand as you want it to be.

Choose your spot. If you have a small group, make reservations at a local ‘fancy’ restaurant. If your group is larger, consider renting a venue. Remember that spending part of the evening in the public eye actually adds to the fun!


Hype it up. Throw a clothing swap party a month or so in advance. Have event pages on social media platforms and post sparkly inspiration (for example, “Keep Calm and Sparkle On” memes or pictures of your sparkly style inspirations).


Get your outfit together. Go grand with a fabulous new sequin gown or simply raid your closet and glam up your old favorites. A pair of shiny tights, a statement necklace and a stack of crystal bangles gives your standby little black dress a whole new spin.


Take photos galore. And look at them later on when you need a lift.  Our 2014 Sparkly Ladies’ Night included a “selfie suite”—a corner of our party room with a silver backdrop where we could pose for impromptu group photos.

Nikki Butler overcame a difficult period in her life where she kept herself hid away. Now she has a successful career and a confidence that’s catching. It’s reflected in her Sparkly Ladies’ Night hashtag, #sparkleeveryday. “Sparkle,” she says, “comes from the inside.” But some outside sparkle certainly does not hurt.

by Sara Bir


Meet the Heirloom Finds Crew!


Members of the Heirloom Finds team enjoy lunch together every day.

You don’t see their faces on our site, but Heirloom Finds is about people just as much as it is about jewelry. Our team makes it possible for us to offer you the outstanding selection of vintage and fashion jewelry we’re so proud of.

Jeanne Peters, Vice-President and Co-Founder

Jeanne’s background is in fine jewelry; she has a Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America in New York. Jeanne knows her diamonds and precious metals, but she loves sparkly crystals and rhinestones too! Her interest in jewelry crystallized when Jeanne was 18 years old and first began dealing in vintage jewelry. It’s in her blood; both of Jeanne’s parents were antique dealers.

To Jeanne, fashion jewelry is about accessibility. “There’s a great jewelry look out there for every woman, and at Heirloom Finds we want to offer fashionable jewelry that everyone can afford to enjoy for themselves, and to give to others,” she says. Jeanne sees jewelry as an “everyday luxury,” and fashion jewelry as an inexpensive way to branch out into new and different styles—a small indulgence to help women feel great about themselves.

Kim Williams, President and Co-Founder

You wouldn’t expect the person overseeing the back end of a jewelry company to be a chef, but heading up restaurant kitchens made up the first part of Kim’s career. In fact, she often cooks lunches at home to share with the crew when they all sit together to eat at work. Kim graduated from cooking school in Baltimore, and worked for years in kitchens in Atlanta, where she developed a deep love of southern food and soul food.

Kim and Jeanne moved Heirloom Finds into their current building, a former movie theater in a small West Virginia town, in 2013.  “We had so much empty space,” Kim says, “and now we’ve filled it all up.” It’s not just shelves and shelves of jewelry lining the walls, either. They’ve grown from a staff of five to a total of 11 employees in less than two years.

Fran 2

Fran Williams oversees packing and shipping in our jewelry warehouse.

Fran Williams, Order Fulfillment Specialist

Fran, a retired nurse who also happens to be Kim’s mom, is happiest when she’s busy. Fran oversees packing and order fulfillment. “We’re truly a team here,” says Fran. “We all feel like we’re family.”  Fran was recently spotted wiping out the break room fridge, a shared responsibility (it should be noted that this may be one of the cleanest break room fridges in America). Fran notes that when she began working at Heirloom Finds, she wore mostly subtle, small jewelry. “I’ve become much more adventurous,” she says. “Now I’m not afraid to wear anything. I center some of my outfits around the jewelry.”


Roy Sees is hard at work assembling charm bracelets.

Roy Sees, Receiving Specialist 

Roy’s the lead merchandise receiver, resident handyman and jewelry finisher (as well as Kim’s uncle). He makes some of the chain bracelets for (our sister site) and also assembles a number of the finished charm bracelets. A retired sheet metal worker, Roy has worked with Heirloom Finds since before they moved into their current home. He notes that the days go by quickly because “we’ve got a good crew.” Roy’s done nearly every hands-on task at Heirloom Finds, and he takes pride in doing efficient, quality work.

Tom Williams, Shipping Associate

Kim’s dad Tom deploys his dry sense of humor throughout the day, keeping everyone on their toes with his wit. He helps with packing and checks orders for accuracy. Retired from the corporate credit department of Lowe’s, he enjoys the camaraderie of the Heirloom Finds staff and is happy to see the success of the business Kim and Jeanne built together. Like his wife Fran, Tom’s been helping out with Heirloom Finds since the early days.

Melanie Final

Melanie Lamb handles social media marketing, lifestyle photography and several other tasks for our website.

Melanie Lamb, Senior Marketing Associate

Though you may recognize her modeling jewelry in photos from our website, Melanie Lamb is more often on the other side of the camera, taking product and lifestyle photos. She started out at Heirloom Finds as an intern writing web listings. Melanie’s the one who comes up with the catchy names for Heirloom Finds products. A lifelong resident of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Melanie often recruits friends and family to be in Heirloom Finds photo shoots. How much jewelry does she have? “A lot,” she says.


Joe Ryckebosch manages Heirloom Finds’ inventory and does product photography.

Joe Ryckebosch, Data Specialist

A California native, Joe is a drummer, artist and skateboarder whose experience with databases and document production helps him manage Heirloom Finds’ inventory. He’s recently begun doing product photography, too, and most often photographs the vintage pieces.  Joe’s the resident goofball, and he keeps everyone’s spirits up with his frequent, good-natured shenanigans. On his breaks, Joe often visits nearby thrift shops looking for old paintings he can upcycle in his own artwork (Kim has one of his pieces hanging in her office).


Both Brenda and Nancy carefully package each order from our website.

Brenda Pyles and Nancy Pifer, Order Fulfillment Associates

Brenda and Nancy package most of the jewelry orders that go out from Heirloom Finds. They are the last ones to lay hands on your jewelry before it gets to you, so they make sure to inspect every item, make sure it’s in perfect condition, and matches the order exactly. They take pride in working with care and accuracy, and they enjoy getting a close look at the new jewelry as it arrives in the warehouse.

Sarah Clark Final

Sarah Clark enjoys researching our selection of vintage jewelry.

Sarah Clark, Copywriter

Sarah was raised in—no kidding—Sarahsville, Ohio, and moved back to the area after graduating from college in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she studied anthropology and art history. That background is helpful to her as she writes descriptions for Heirloom Finds’ vintage jewelry offerings. Sarah’s been with Heirloom Finds since August 2014, and she enjoys being able to research jewelry and share its story with customers.

Sarah Cline 1

Sarah Cline takes pride in providing excellent customer service, among several other responsibilities.

Sarah Cline, Operations Associate

Sarah joined Heirloom Finds in June 2014. She handles customer service, orders supplies, assists with inventory management and helps pack shipments. She also takes phone orders and will personally call a customer if an order needs clarification. “We’re close-knit here,” she says. “You couldn’t ask for better people.”

by Sara Bir


Style Profile: Nicole Harris


Nicole Harris’s style is edgy, contemporary, and fun. We found out about this Williamstown, WV-based artist from her colorful and energetic abstract paintings. On a classic fall day with a hint of chill in the air, she welcomed us into her home with pumpkin donuts and coffee and modeled her favorite Heirloom Finds jewelry picks.


One of the things we enjoy most about Nicole’s fashion sense is her willingness to go with what’s unexpected, whether it’s pairing plaid flannel with tortoise shell or shimmery crystals with casual wear—she makes it look genuine and natural, because, for her, it is.


How would you describe your personal style?
There’s not a lot of fuss put into what I am wearing… I want to be comfortable, first and foremost. I tend to dress minimally and let my accessories shine! This has always been my style statement.I flip the same outfit with different accessories. It works. I stand out. Boring be gone! I have an extreme passion to compose, be it an outfit, art, home decor, etc.


What are your favorite places to look for fashion inspiration?
I look on Pinterest for outfit inspirations and see what is being shown on the runways for the following season. I take in what people are wearing on popular television shows. I also, find much inspiration in what my friends are wearing. I also read Refinery29A Cup of Jo, and Yahoo Style.


Do you think your painting style is reflected at all in the way you dress?
I am much more adventurous with my paintings than with my fashion, but I find that the aesthetic in both have a fundamental alignment. In both my paintings and my outfits, I strive to be an individual. The crazy squiggle in my paintings or mixing vintage accessories with current-store bought clothing is a way of being unpredictable and unique. You never know what I’m going to wear or paint next. I’m not afraid to put things together that others might not consider doing in both my paintings and my fashion styling.


What draws you to the act of painting?
It’s the most fluid way for me to compose colors and produce something beautiful on a whim. I feel like it’s my avenue of communication. I can really explain myself through a symphony of colors. My paintings are like seeing a song: there is harmony, dissonance, rhythm, and also emotion and energy. This is how I tell stories.

What do you get out of it that you don’t get from other media/creative outlets?
I can dive into my imagination without any restrictions. It’s so freeing.  Being an abstract/abstract expressionistic painter, I paint honesty. There’s only honest emotion exploding on the canvas, in whatever direction I feel at the moment.  I don’t feel limited. I am not trying to replicate anything. I am creating a psychedelic experience, just by viewing my paintings. It’s a medium that stands still, but moves the viewers. I love that.

Nicole’s Etsy store is


by Sara Bir


Style Profile: Nikki Butler


Nikki Butler Design

Graphic Designer and Artist Nikki Butler of Nikki Butler Design

We can’t think of anyone who pulls off a put-together look with as much ease as Nikki Butler. Nikki created the Heirloom Finds logo, and she designs those banners you see on our website. She’s warm and generous and has a sly sense of humor; that she’s effortlessly glamorous is just the icing on the cake.

Heirloom Finds Pearl Initial Charm Bracelet

Our Pearl and Gold Initial Charm Bracelet glows against the pink of Nikki Butler Design’s Clutch

A self-described “graphic designer who loves to sew,” Nikki runs Nikki Butler Design, where she makes clutch handbags and scarves using luxurious fabrics in her own custom prints. We thought it would be fun to turn Nikki’s intuitive style sense loose, so we asked her to match her favorite Heirloom Finds jewelry with selections from her own wardrobe. As she modeled her looks for us, we chatted about fashion inspiration.

Heirloom Finds It's Such a Tassel Necklace Earrings

Wearing Caught in Cross Hairs Bracelet and It’s Such a Tassel Necklace and Earrings

What kind of jewelry do you find yourself drawn to? Why?
I’m a pearl girl for certain because of their classic, timeless elegance. I also love sparkly! And colorful statement pieces always capture my attention—if you’re going to wear jewelry, let it be seen! Chunky bangle bracelets, cocktail rings and bib necklaces are excellent conversation starters. Jewelry in general makes me feel more feminine.

Heirloom Finds Golden Links Statement Necklace and Earrings

Nikki in the Golden Links Statement Necklace and Earrings

How would you describe your personal style?
I actually have narrowed it to three words: Classic, Feminine & Colorful. It’s become my mantra when shopping!

Do you have a favorite style icon?
I can’t narrow it to just one. I’d love to spend a day in Kate Middleton’s closet and I’m forever drawn to Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ timeless style.

Heirloom Finds Blue Tassel Necklace and Earrings

Nikki in Blue Tassel Necklace and Earrings and Resort Top from Nikki Butler Designs

You look great every time I see you, and it’s almost like that informs your calm, collected demeanor. Do you feel less like yourself when you have to rush out the door in any old thing you threw on?
Well, thank you! I feel most confident and myself when my hair is curled, I’m in full make-up regalia and wearing something feminine. Sometimes I wear sparkly earrings to the gym just to feel more like me.

Designer Nikki Butler and Blogger Sara Bir talking personal style

Designer Nikki Butler and Blogger Sara Bir talking personal style.

Sometimes you go for an edgy look; sometimes, a traditional one. Do you think there are different aspects of yourself that become more apparent depending on your outfit for the day?
This is the reason that I have never been one to lay out my outfits the night before. Sometimes I even feel like I have a split-fashion personality! My closet is very diverse. One day it’s a floral skirt and heels, the next day it’s ripped jeans and flip flops. Watch out when I’m wearing my black leather pants!

Nikki is wearing:

On the Ropes Pink and Lavender Pastel Burst Bib Necklace

Golden Monogram Charm Link Bracelet

It’s Such a Tassel Necklace and Earring Set

Caught in the Cross Hairs Bracelet

Golden Links Statement Necklace and Earring Set

Aqua Beaded Tassel Necklace and Earring Set

Raise Your Glass Iridescent Purple and Blue Statement Necklace

by Sara Bir

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, My Dears!

What a year we have had here at Heirloom Finds!  We traveled all over the U.S and beyond in search of the best and brightest items the fashion jewelry world had to offer.  We did a complete overhaul of our Heirloom Finds brand and website, and created a new sister site for our beads and charms, cleverly titled Heirloom Charms.  We launched our vintage collections of both charms and fashion jewelry.  We hired FIVE additional staff members, bringing our close-knit company to a grand total of 10!  Our warehouse, that we thought we would never fill when we moved in, is now busting at the seams, and we could not be more pleased to have that problem!  And we have you, our loyal shoppers, to thank for our amazing success in 2013.

Like many of you, we have compiled our list of resolutions for the New Year.  One of our many goals is to communicate to our loyal shoppers more candidly and frequently.   There is no better place or way to start then by answering some of your frequently asked questions.

You asked, we answered!

Q:  Where are you located?  Are you in China?

A: We are an all-American company, located in Vienna, West Virginia.  Yes, you heard that right, West Virginia.  Let’s Go, Mountaineers!

Q: Why in the world are you in West Virginia?

A: First and foremost, our families are here.  Sure, we could have nested in LA or New York, but we are e-retailers.  We can be anywhere.   So why not be close to the ones you love?! The lower cost of living is pretty nice, too.

Q: What does someone from West Virginia know about fashion?

A: Although we (backwoods folks) are not a fan of shoes, we West Virginians love to accessorize!  Just kidding.  But really, we have a highly educated, and diverse staff here at Heirloom Finds.  We have traveled the world, lived all over the United States, and in the end decided that ‘home’ was in the beautiful Appalachian foothills of West Virginia.  Trust us, if there is one thing we KNOW, it is fashion and jewelry.

Q: I saw the same item at elsewhere, but it was three times the price!  Why are your prices so much lower?

A:  Well, because we believe in charging what the items are worth.  No more and no less.  We blame it on our small town friendliness.

Alright, that is it for now.  If you have more questions for us, we would be happy to answer. Just put them in the comment section below.  We hope you have an amazing 2014.  We look forward to seeing more of you!

You Are Beautiful

Announcing 2013 Beautiful Day’s Pin-To-Win Contest Winners

Our first ever Pinterest contest was a sparkling success, and we have you to thank for it!  We hope everyone had fun pinning what makes them feel beautiful.

It is finally time to announce the TWO lucky winners of $100 Gift Cards for the 2013 Beautiful Day Pin-to-Win Contest!  Our judges simply adored Jennifer Howard and Rita Daniel’s beautiful jewelry picks!  Rita and Jennifer, if you could both send an e-mail to with the subject “Beautiful Day,” we will send you everything you need to know about claiming your prize!

Thanks again to all of the participants, we had a blast looking through all of your beautiful pins.  Until next time!


Celebrate Beautiful Day

Pin To Win One of Two $100 Gift Cards in Our First-Ever Pinterest Contest!

Tell Us What Makes You Feel Beautiful!

In Celebration of Beautiful Day on November 20th, we are putting together our first-ever contest on Pinterest. Join in on the fun, and you will be entered to win one of two $100 gift certificates just for pinning jewelry that makes you look and feel beautiful from Heirloom Finds.

From 11/15 at 11 a.m. PT until 11/20 at 11:59 p.m. PT pin a piece, or two, or your favorite Heirloom Finds jewelry to any of your existing Pinterest Boards. Please include the hashtags #heirloomfindsjewelry and #beautiful in the caption of each pin, and your jewelry finds will be entered for a chance to win!

Please read over the rules below before you begin, we don’t want you to miss a step when searching for the perfect accessories to make you look and feel beautiful.

• You must follow HeirloomFinds on Pinterest to win.
• Contest runs from 11/15 at 10 a.m. PT until 11/20 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
• Make sure to include the hashtags #heirloomfindsjewelry and #beautiful on each pin.
• Pin as many things as you would like!
• Winners will be announced in a comment on the contest announcement pin, on the “It’s A Beautiful Day” Pinterest Board, as well as updated on this blog post on 11/22 at 11 a.m. PT.
• Need more info? Click here for Heirloom Finds Official Games, Promotions, and Contests Rules.

Happy Pinning!