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Pink Bursting Floral Cuff

Fresh Cut-Floral Jewelry Finds

Well hello, Heirloom Finders!  Is your wardrobe begging for a pop of spring color?  If so, this collection of bursting floral Spring accessory essentials is sure to hit refresh on your Spring style.  Whether you are looking for vibrant pinks, or cool blue hues, these flowering beauties will keep you sunny all season long.  Happy Shopping!

flower burst cuff braceletmint flower cuff bracelet

Pastel Pink Floral Cuff Bracelet IMG_4456




3 Tips for Testing Pearls

You spotted a sign for a garage or estate sale and decide to swing in on a whim.  There are the typical velvet wall hangings, box of scratched records, and many outdated kitchen wares.  But if you are anything like us, you are immediately drawn to the sparkling and shining jewelry bin.  Ok, sometimes it’s a cardboard box and not a velvet lined display case, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t harboring some amazing finds!

There are a few watches, loads of 1980’s clip-on earrings, and a few pearl necklaces.  The pearls look lovely, but you’re not sure if they are real.  Some fake pearls are easy to spot, but on occasion it can be really difficult to decipher the real pearls from the fake just by looking.  And no one wants to buy fake pearls when they think they are getting the real deal, and since you don’t have a 64-power magnifying glass or any other fancy jeweler’s tools to tell if they are real or not, we have put together three easy ways to test pearls in a pinch.

2014-04-10 10.00.44

1. Look
Imitation pearls will be flawless.  Look for imperfections in the pearls-real pearls are not perfect.  Check the shape, the luster, the size, and the color.  Too perfect means too good to be true.

2. Rub
Take the pearls in your hand and lightly rub one against the other.  If the texture is gritty or sandy, then they are likely real pearls.  Fake pearls will be super smooth.

3. Tooth Test
Ok, this is a last resort, considering you are at an estate or garage sale and many hands may have been on these pearls.  And people may be watching.  But it is a sure-fire way to tell if the pearls are real or fake.  Take the pearls and lightly rub them against your upper front teeth along the biting edge.  You will be able to feel the grittiness of the pearls along your teeth.  Sandy texture = real. Silky smooth = FAKE!

We hope these tips help you in the hunt for fabulous vintage jewelry treasures.  Happy shopping!