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Lucky Jewelry Talismans & Amulets

We think it is safe to assume most people think of the four-leaf clover as a symbol of good luck, and that horseshoes bring good fortune to those who wear and display them.  You might think the displaying and wearing of good luck charms and jewelry all started with the Irish, but did you know that amulets and talismans have been used and worn for thousands of years, dating all the way back to Ancient Rome!?  And, that there is significant difference between the two types of charms?


An amulet is an object intended to bring good luck, fortune, or protection to the owner, while talismans are objects used to ward off demonic entities and protect you from evil forces.  So depending on whether you are looking to attract riches, seek protection while you travel, or avoid demonic possession, you want to make sure you choose the right jewelry charm for you!  In a sense, all of these ornaments have an underlying purpose in that they give the wearer a sense of control over their own destiny and the world around them.  In a realm full of chaos and unknowns, it is nice to think that you are occasionally in the driver’s seat of your own life – true or untrue as it may be.


Your lucky charms don’t always have to shine.  Even socks can be lucky!  Your worn and tattered baby blanket may be the only thing that keeps the evil monsters hiding in your closet at bay still today.  We say, whatever gives you peace in your life is good in our book.  Of course, our favorite jewelry amulets are of the silver and gold tone variety.  Good luck to you, and happy shopping!

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Festival Friendly Fashion-SXSW ’14 Edition

Festival Season is officially upon us with South By Southwest’s kick-off today, and that is music to our ears!  We are so ready to break out the warm weather clothes, ditch the snow boots, and slip on our leather fringe sandals.  Of course the music is incredible, and the lineups are what draw the crowds, but we think festival fashion is a huge part of what makes music festivals so fun!  The 2014 festival season is going to be all about colorful, easy breezy fashion accessories.  So let’s check out some of our favorite SXSW inspired looks.

Ok, let’s face it, SXSW can be a difficult one to dress. Because it can be hotter than you-know-what during the day, but the Austin temps can drop pretty low in the evening. Which means that perfectly stacked and layered arm party you designed will surely be covered up by nightfall.  Here at Heirloom Finds, we think the first and most important accessory to focus on in your SXSW fashion collection is earrings!  They will be seen no matter what outfit you choose, so go big, go bold, or go home.  We are talking oversized, fringed duster, topaz crystal studded ear décor.

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Runner up to earrings are, ding, ding, ding, RINGS!  This year is all about delicate stacking rings.  Simple gold rings stacked together in the most perfect way to make an effortlessly styled look.  A styled, perfect look is as effortless as stacking together a few gold rings. Mix a matte gold ring with one that’s detailed and polished like the adjustable arrow ring below. For an extra pop of eye-catching beauty, add a pave crystal ring into the mix.

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Soft leather sliced cuff bracelets are making a strong comeback, but in even bolder and brighter colors than before.  These snap-on bracelets are perfect for SXSW because they can breathe.  No one wants a sweaty mess of an arm stack to fiddle with during the most perfect live set. These lightweight leather wrap bracelets are already layered, and you just snap them on, no need to squeeze bangle after bangle onto your arm this year!   We consider them the perfect “trendy, but festival friendly” jewelry pick.

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So cheers to good music, great memories, and photo-worthy festival fashion!

Happy Shopping.