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How to attach a lobster clasp bracelet

Jewelry Hack: 3 EASY STEPS to Fasten Lobster Clasp Bracelets

This article is for all the ladies, or gents, out there that have fought to get that tough-to-fasten bracelet with the teeny tiny lobster clasp onto their wrist.  But struggle no more. We have a solution that does not involve asking the neighbor lady to help you get your gems on.

What if we told you that all you need is a standard office supply item that we’re certain many of you have around your house or desk?  A simple, everyday paper clip!  The jumbo clips work the best, but we will show you that a standard size will do the job as well.

STEP 1: Take the paper clip and unfold it into an S shape.

2014-02-27 13.11.57

STEP 2: Hook one end through the jump ring or chain while holding on to the other end with the opposite hand.

2014-02-27 13.13.04

STEP 3: Bring the clasp around to latch.

2014-02-27 13.14.10


2014-02-27 13.14.43

Paper clips are a handy jewelry accessory to have around.  The small paper clips are even great at keeping your fish hook earring pairs together while traveling, so you won’t be rooting around in your bags to find the match.  We hope you enjoyed this edition of Heirloom Finds’ Jewelry Hacks.  Until next time, Happy Shopping!