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Four Tips for Turning your Fashion Jewelry into Heirloom Pieces

Your costume jewelry can easily become heirloom pieces with the proper love and care. The staff at Heirloom Finds Jewelry have collected their tips of the trade to help you make your fashion jewelry last a lifetime.

Tip #1 – Make sure your jewelry items do not rub together. Instead of cramming all of your pieces into one small jewelry box, invest in a nice armoire, or get creative with household items. Here at Heirloom, we transformed an inexpensive burlap photo pin board into a beautiful jewelry display piece. You can hang it on the wall or sit it on your dresser. The choice is yours.


Tip #2 – Keep your jewelry from drastic temperature changes. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause it to warp or crack. Storing fashion jewelry in excessively hot conditions can also cause stones to separate from the setting.

Tip #3 – Avoid water at all costs! Most people don’t realize that the chemicals in tap water can alter the finish of jewelry. Not to mention the chlorine in pools, and the myriad of ingredients in shampoos, soaps, dish liquids, and other beauty and cleaning products. So, if you want to keep your jewelry looking new for years to come, remember to remove it before bathing, swimming, or dishwashing.

Tip #4- Although your fashion jewelry looks like real gold and silver, trust us, it will not shine up with silver polish, brass polish or the like. These polishes can, and likely will, destroy the finish of the gold, rhodium, or silver plating. There are special polishing cloths that can be used for costume jewelry, and we include a free cloth with every purchase at Heirloom Finds!

Happy Shopping!