Monthly Archives: August 2013

Nice to meet you

Hello world!

Well hello there, nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting First Blush by Heirloom Finds —our BLOG, eek! We, the current small town staff of nine, are super excited to have a platform to share our knowledge with you. Here on our blog we will talk about our number one love—JEWELRY. Vintage, costume, fashion, fine—all jewelry is fair game to us. We will talk about how to wear it, buy it, store it and cherish it.

We will also be sharing super-secret fashion forecasting tips for the coming seasons, and chat about current jewelry trends that are rocking the streets. We will take long looks back in time to show you the evolution of jewelry—to prove that everything old will be new again.

We hope you will stop back often to visit us. Oh, and don’t forget to shop around in the store! We are constantly adding product, both vintage and new “soon-to-be heirlooms.” You never know what you may find.